Yaniv Arrested Again [confirmed] - Yaniv was in the back of a cop car friday

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Being a pedo in prison is never safe, but Johnny wouldn't be going down for that anyways so it doesn't matter. Anyways, I'm just going by what I've heard from various thieves, toughs, drug dealers and assorted riff-raff; as long as you're not in for hurting a child or an old lady you're probably okay, especially out west.

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Canadian prisons are soft as fuck. Lots of people deliberately get thrown in over the winter so they don't have to deal with the weather and can instead zone out on seroquel mixed with cocaine (a Susie Q, it's called) or just plain old weed.

He'd probably be worse off in a woman's jail because a lot of those women have been preyed on in their lives and wouldn't hesitate to make his life hell. From what I've heard from male convicts rape is basically non-existent and everyone is basically very chill about doing their time; sign up for one of the many programs on offer, maintain attendance and you'll be well cared for and quite content.
I've heard womens' prisons are a lot rougher than the usual ones in regard to sexual abuse and high tensions. Then again, jail is never a pleasant place to be.


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I know reaction posts are not welcome but


This diseased looking morbidly obese Dee Snider cosplayer is a slow motion train wreck, but I'm glad they're getting some shiny cuffs. But either I'm blind or out of the loop, but it seems that the normal anti-defamation or GLAAD or whoever type folks are entirely avoiding this garbage fire. Anyone notice that?


Yaniv’s arrest managed to make the Vancouver Sun. As I was reading, I noticed that the article doesn’t use any pronouns but rather uses “Yaniv” each time. They even excised a pronoun from Keean’s quote (which was definitely “he”). It seems that even the city’s (admittedly centre-right) paper of record can’t stomach calling Yaniv “she”.

Of course, if the CBC even deigned to cover the story, the title would be more like “Brave Trans Activist Fends Off Fleeing Neo-Nazi”.

Vancouver Sun article

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Yaniv finally being arrested isn't too surprising given the video evidence. It will be interesting to see how this incident works its way through the legal system.

Without speculating too much about what might happen to Yaniv in court, their behavior so far certainly won't help should they be found guilty.

If Canadian courts are like US courts, they're often lenient when appropriate with a first-time offender whose record is relatively clean (i.e. no major run-ins with the law) and behavior is more or less satisfactory. I'd imagine the idea is that such people have a greater likelihood of learning their lesson and not committing more crimes in the future.

Yaniv, however, has a documented history of treating people poorly, boorish public behavior, and using racist language without any sort of remorse. A judge could weigh those against Yaniv even if they face nothing more than probation. I could easily see a judge imposing as long a probationary period as possible if Yaniv comes across as someone who is likely to offend again even as a first-time offender, especially since Yaniv has been unable to avoid trouble since the start of last month's court case.


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There is video?

Of Yaniv attacking Bexte? Yep. It's the third link in the OP of the Fucking Crazy Fucking Thing thread. The first link in that OP gives you the set-up. Bexte's not allowed into the courthouse and is filming in front of it. Then, in the third link, he's at the rear of the courthouse trying to get Yaniv to comment on what had happened inside. how he plans to plead to the weapons charges.

There's also video of Yaniv bashing another reporter, David Menzies, with a cane.

Aaaaand video of Yaniv's mother smacking at Bexte last summer.

Edit: Also for your viewing pleasure, if you go over to MeowTube's Collection 4, you'll find vids of Yaniv threatening to pepper spray people during the tribunal hearings, his firing his illegal pepper spray at the mirror in a public women's washroom, his firing his illegal stun gun at the camera during his stream with Blaire White, and audio of his threatening to murder Donald Smith. And here he is on the Farms threatening to kill a kiwi.
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