Article Yaniv calls emergency services over 20 times, sexually harasses fire fighters -

Go ahead dude. Make yourself fa
I think we laughed off the dimensional merge a little too quickly, the universal boundaries have thinned enough that we were graced with a visit from an even more autistic version of Jonathan.
Sometimes, i can fit match sticks in my pee-hole (has to be whet though), I can also stick car keys up my nose, not mine though, the doctor said i am not allowed to drive. And then there is other times where cyberbullies like you guys make me soooooooooo sad, heartaches and heartbreaks. Would you guys like to be my friends? whatever, curse you in the name of yahoowah. And i would really appreciate if you didn't dead name my aspirant GF, thankyou. One day I WILL BE Mr. Mrs. Mr. Yaniv, so get that through your thick godamned skulls you darn trolls. See you in court. :(
(I apologise if i have broken any/forum thread 'rules'... I'm new at making friends)

Henry Wentworth Akeley

I'm not sure what I want but this ain't it
I am slowly beginning to believe that the mangina is Yaniv's. It is the fire department that doesn't fit with the no cut. It only makes sense that he called them for sexual gratification/humiliation purposes. I bet he used the word pussy and/or dilate.
I can definitely see this, as it is obviously some sort of exhibitionist fetish he's trying to force the firefighters to engage in by seeing him in the bath tub.

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