Orbiter Yaniv interviewed by SJW -


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5 o'clock shadow, no make-up, messy hair, our Johnny sure didn't bother to femme it up before appearing on camera
Honestly, if he had attempted to "femme it up" it wouldn't have helped. Anyone can see he's male, and that's usually the case with MTFs. Very few pass, I can only think of Blaire White and Jazz Jennings, but even they make someone look twice.


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Yep. Yes, he's that dumb.

The feminists are gonna explode with rage over this one.
Hardly surprising if they do. To take such a topic and use it for his own ends is beneath contempt, just when you think this slime couldn't get any lower.

I would love the next interviewer to ask what type he reckons he's had done (and where):-

There are 4 main types of FGM:
  • type 1 (clitoridectomy) – removing part or all of the clitoris
  • type 2 (excision) – removing part or all of the clitoris and the inner labia (the lips that surround the vagina), with or without removal of the labia majora (the larger outer lips)
  • type 3 (infibulation) – narrowing the vaginal opening by creating a seal, formed by cutting and repositioning the labia
  • other harmful procedures to the female genitals, including pricking, piercing, cutting, scraping or burning the area
Source: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/female-genital-mutilation-fgm/

The mind boggles as to where his supposed sex toys are being used.


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As a chick, I can say that in the 3+ decades I have been alive, I have never asked a stranger for a tampon, nor been asked by a stranger for a tampon. How does JY get off acting like this is a totally normal 'girl thing'? Also, what woman has a tampon just sitting next to them at any given moment, to just whip out during an interview.

Also, JY is a complete fucking idiot. I cannot believe the things this guy got him to say.

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Is he that dumb to not even do basic due diligence to research who is interviewing you? He's sofa king dumb.
He's probably a regular listener.

Remember that Yaniv's not some woke intersectional feminist, he's a weird pedo fetishist who's LARPing as a troon activist to better get his fap on. It's why whenever he does try and talk like a woke SJW, it comes out sounding like he's just randomly assembling catchphrases out of context.

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I liked this bit at 31m25s


Mark : So you're attracted to vaginas
JY (very enthusiastically): Yah!
Mark : You like to eat them?
JY (even more enthusiastically): Yah!
Mark: Well I identify as gender fluid too and I have one of the more, like, outie vaginas. Would you like, hypothetically I don't want to sexually harass you but hypothetically I have an outie vagina would you like that, hypothetically?
JY: (seeming a bit confused) : Yeah, pretty much
Mark: Ok, good to know.
JY: So you're a biological female then?
Mark: No, I'm gender fluid. They say I have a penis. I say it's whatever I say it is. So I'm just wondering. What would happen in that situation. I call it an 'outie vagina', like a bellybutton.
JY: Yah, same.
Mark: Would you be willing, because like I think it's a vagina and I don't want anyone to tell me it's not would you still be into that? Hypothetically, I don't want to sexually harass you. You would be?
JY (looking noticeably uncomfortable) : Yeah, totally. Totally.

At this point JY changes the subject. He knows if he says "No! Biological female vagina only" he looks like a hypocrite but he doesn't want to suck cock.

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I wonder what happens when Jonathan wakes up from his attention induced masturbatory haze and realizes that he was trolled? Maybe a lolsuit against the podcast sponsor? It's local. View attachment 870052
An “outtie vagina” LOLOLOL

I gotta be on r/gendercritical when they hear about that one! Considering how angry the word “ladydick” makes them, this one should be good for at least a dozen estrogen-rage fueled rants!