Yaniv loses BCHRT cases -

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The decision is here https://www.jccf.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/222_Yaniv_v_Various_Waxing_Salons_No_2_2019_BCHRT_222.pdf?mc_cid=db660e2e1f&mc_eid=[UNIQID]

If ever there was a topic worth its own thread in the subforum, this would have to be it.

ETA: @yesthatanna is already on it

ETA2: I see Devyn's minimizing her decision regarding the publication ban. The "early stages"? As in August 2018 until mid July of this year? Ya she made the right decision here but that bonehead move was signed explicitly by her.
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I'm not sure if this is needed, but it could be useful to track the progress of the two thousand (Canadian?) dollars per defendant that JY was ordered to pay out.
$2000 per represented defendant, i.e. the three who showed up at the tribunal with representation = $6000 CDN total. He'll still have to sling a lot of Baileys to pay for it.


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So much for his Christmas present.

ETA: Being ordered to pay just $2000 to each respondent for $6000 total is a ridiculous pittance. Wish those women he put through hell were given alot more.

However this is going to bring on some fucking great content from the inevitable chimp out. Mama Miriam also isn't going to be happy she has to pay that for him either (because we know he doesnt really make 3 figures a day).
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I just wanna see what style of meltdown yanny takes .
Is he going for a dramatic "medical " crisis? Maybe a dainty little faint he has practised so hard on?

A fake suicide attempt to garner pitty?

A complete blow out with cane waving, threats of violence and racial slurs?

Or will he go find a vulnerable Asian lady to take his anger out on?
The only thing he hasn't sufficiently m.ilked yet is the anti-semitic angle, so I'd expect him to go off soon on a customer saying they called him a dirty one of Trump's Chosen People tranny whore. Then claiming shortness of breath to bring first-responders to that store while in an epileptic fit throwing drinks and shit in customers' faces, followed by a hospital trip, then a Tweet about how he's immersing himself in Trump's Chosen understanding and a lot about Ruth and accepting the stranger and how that's completely relevant to tampon shit.


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Mostly 60 pages of everything we've read before but this time an official calling Yaniv a racist and saying this is all filed in bad faith
Hahaha, he didn't get his Xmas present. Best news I've had all day. I would love to have seen his and Ma's faces when they got the news. $6000 :biggrin: - might explain why he's "working". GoFundMe anyone?

eta: Even though the amount he has to pay to each is pitiful considering the stress etc they went through I'm tickled pink that he now has to fork out $6,000 to the very people he tried to con money out of. Karma.
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Devyn is a beta female cuckquean who thinks perverts like Yaniv should be able to make women wax them as*long*as*they*claim*to*provide*waxing*services*for*that*body*part, opening the door to for future fuckery from Yaniv.


I found this bit to be particularly interesting regarding how JY behaves when he thinks no one is watching.

And this: "Above, I have explained that the Respondents’ assumption that she was a man, even if it was wrong, was relevant and reasonable "
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