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Where would Yaniv even get the support for his campaign? A lot of people who run to be any type of political leader at least have some sort of wealth that can get the public to notice their campaign or are already well known (and liked) by the people, which usually occurs on much smaller scales like municipal elections. Yaniv is not all that rich nor is he well-liked as one Google search of his name will pull up results of him being both a pedophile and predator.

Our favourite political candidate imparts words of wisdom

Download: https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/v/t50.2886-16/69827880_127437295213754_2112547682155400040_n.mp4?_nc_ht=scontent.cdninstagram.com&oe=5D6CB897&oh=7c91ee7e25aa049d962bd2599d890429
Archive of that Insta video just in case he deletes it and the link goes dead:


Lots of local appearances ahead and Langley voters will want to be there to see if his cutlets fall out of his blazer like they did out of his evening gown.

Which reporter will feel the first blow of his mighty pink cane?

Who will get the best picture of Miriam's thrusting middle fingers?

Suspense! Action! Drama! And "PEDO" stickers all over his campaign signs.

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There is no possible way the potato will run and even then it would be at his own expense as an independent. No political party would touch him with a 10 foot pole. Canada may be cucked, but it is not that cucked yet. This whole fiasco is nothing more than an attempt to shift the focus away from his overt racism. I don't think that even he believes he can get on the ballot, let alone elected. Just more puffy, fluffy stuff from a wannabe peacock.


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Which reporter will feel the first blow of his mighty pink cane?
Ooh, if he does it in the legislative building it'll be Canada's version of the caning of Charles Sumner. But instead of a senator beating up another senator over the issue of slavery, it's a fat tranny beating up a Jewish right wing journalist because he keeps telling the world the tranny is a pervert. It's as Canadian as poutine and maple syrup.


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Where's he gonna get the campaign fund money? Guess he'll have to find more working class peeohsee women to sue.

Maybe that was his plan all along...
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Jessie has been referring to Trump a lot in the recent posts about their future run for office. I wonder if Jessie is planning on copying Trump's campaign tactics?
:story: I was so close!

From the thread ‘Predictions on Yanivs next antic -‘

I predict his next job aspiration is First Lady!

Won’t Trump be pleased - I’m sure Jon could totally pass for Melania Trump. And he’s already picked out his red dress....

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To be fair, Canada is a colonial vestige much like Hong Kong that should have been returned to the rightful continental power. It's high time Canada was decolonized and replaced the queen with Trump.
Quebec and Ontario might happily sign on to that plan if it lets them the escape the madness that is Canada.

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I'm shocked no one has even considered/mentioned the possibility of him being assassinated depending on which way this thing swings...
You have to matter first before you can be assassinated.

With Yaniv, you'd just call it Smear the Queer.

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