Orbiter Yaniv's Sockpuppetry Spectacular - Post all suspected sock puppets of Jonathan Yaniv here.

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Rei is shit

He was super lazy with making socks on a phishing site, which he created just to validate his own submissions :lit:

yaniv nexopia.png

All of those are him. They were created on the same day and mostly only voted on sites submitted by yanivjonathan.

(I'd also bet money that he had an account on nexopia but as that site purged posts older than 2017 I don't think anything juicy can be found)

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Possibly Yaniv taking the piss- someone has made a fake account to look like @goinglikeelsie and set up a Paypal for donations.

Honestly now that Yaniv's General thread is closed, i have no idea where to post updates like this

gerry.jpg elsie.jpg


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So I reverse image searched the louisa_is account, and got a ton of results. There doesn't seem to be a single source however.

I was able to find multiple twitter profiles using the same photo. Some suspended but still showing up in search results.

EDIT: No results found for the Jaimee account.


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Jonny Tampons forgets to switch accounts.
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Wtf is a "rape culture transphobic imagination"? Dude just slaps SJW words together into "sentences". I thought rape culture was an SJW core tenet. Now believing in rape culture is transphobic too because... it leads people to imagine trans people are rapists... or something? Wtf Jon, start making sense, Christ. Put out a manifesto or something so we can understand your motivations.


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Looks like sock @Iam36Iam is stealing its profile photo from @DutchNadia, who seems like a real person:

She also used to post on some weird German website whose mascot is a nazi cat. I don't know what's going on there, but they're blaming jews for stuff and saying negroes have no place in their porn. I'm gonna assume this is german 4chan.

I don't know, the existence of cringey tranny pics makes me think this is belongs in the defenders/supporters thread.