Orbiter Yaniv's Sockpuppetry Spectacular - Post all suspected sock puppets of Jonathan Yaniv here.


The only place me may not be known on site now might be in the depths of the Amazon.
This made me immediately think of the Coke bottle and the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy." Then the image of a Yaniv newspaper front page stuffed in a Coke bottle reaching an Amazonian shore floated across my brain.

It could happen....

What This Old Thing!?

Worm Casting Agent
Tranisstunning and mandappandagrr are both active


What This Old Thing!?

Worm Casting Agent
Does anyone think this is a new sock? https://twitter.com/CBarker1954. Opened in 2016, but with no tweets or followers until very recently
I think he is.

There are a few older accounts lately making favorable replies to yaniv. They are pretty weird ones. I had to step away from the horror so I didn't save any, but I feel like he's been scraping the bottom of his sockpuppet barrel.

Edit: He uses these things to get people banhammered.

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