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Several people have said they thought that Yawning Sneasel should have his own thread and of all the people he LARPs into his fascist furry diaper fag video game reality, I'm the one he's most jealous of and spends incredible amounts of time stalking me, ganking my properties and projecting the denial of his sick fantasies at me, attributing some of the most outlandishly demented shit on me that i have seen anywhere online in the past twenty years. I'm a minor living legend in the Rainbow Hippie underground arts activism world and have a reputation that sick fucks like that animated turd and his fascist furry faggot fuck stain friends are trying to sell the world can' t possibly tarnish in the minds of sensible people.

My father passed away this afternoon and he immediately started a thread about it at AMB and here. The comments here are especially loathsome.
sneasel said:
imagine behaving like an elderly child on the day of your father's death.

Bob was right, AMB is tom's ENTIRE reality.
if this were true, what's all this other stuff on my desk? who are all those people extending their sympathies on my page and in messenger? what are all those other tabs open?

i can't imagine what it would be like living in your mother's basement terrorizing people who are your moral and intellectual superior in between your video games and diaper fag chats, :loser: Can you tell us more about your fascinating fantasy fascist furry diaper fag world, please?

you are completely unaware of my family's dynamics and are making a complete fool of yourself with all this ridiculous speculation. i was excluded from that family many years ago. my siblings are carrying on in their father's tradition, keeping me from my mother. my life goes on and i assure you, this coterie of kooky cunts and despicably dishonest and utterly disgusting deviant dorks is a very small part of it, my bitch.

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    In the past few years, many people have made numerous claims about it him. From my experiences with him early on, I know that he's a twenty something male from Michigan and recent graduate of U Michigan at Ann Arbor, possibly with an MBA and definitely unemployable, admitting to living in his mother's basement, spending most of his time online smack talking his moral, creative and intellectual superiors in a pathetic display of the projection of the denial of his delusions of sound moral standard, high intellect and redeeming social value.

Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

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No, they are hosted at amb. You need to upload them here. Shitty thread btw.
Those did not come from AMB. Shitty people deserve shitty threads.
Lol nobody cares about your dead dad, Tom
they care enough to start a thread and make a lot of shitty comments on it, DesperateTrog
So basically you're mad that someone speaks about about you on the internet.
i wish it were that simple. this person has decided to work very hard to defame me and incite violence against me in the real world that has resulted in significant financial harm , harm to my reputation in two social circles and three 911 pranks.


those images that failed are uploaded straight from my machine @Ride

This is what you posted Tommie, web addresses.