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Samina Ambreen. Literally all of her thread.
The flames that blaze shortest are the brightest. She was there so briefly, and yet she's the best thread this year. Threats to JOSH MOOOOOON, violent fantasies, a Vordrak crossover, increasing paranoia, e-begging, she had it all.

So long, crazy bitch. The Farms is a little sadder now that it's lacking 20+ tweet rants on asian grooming gangs and "incel pedosadist nazi fascists".

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The spergouts around Jessica Price + Some Guy getting fired, and how she was treated as a brave sacrifice in the face of the evil patriarchy.

The TotalBiscuit and Chloe Sagal grave-dancing/performative grief threads, with the same people calling the former a Nazi and the latter a brave and true friend who had been immolated by the Farms personally.

Becky Gerber's one-sided feud with Riot which indirectly led to one of her partners getting fired - the same partner who expressed his desire to punch her mother in the face. Also her 'my boyfriend is an accused abuser, but I'll defend him until he doesn't call me when I want him to, so he's actually been raping me for two years' saga, including her husband saying he heard her faking orgasms. And her getting btfo by a hairdresser she made up some bullshit about, who saw her tweeting and replied with the truth.

Jake Alley finally moving on from Zoe and the Zoepost to the even crazier Becky, and then losing what few professional contacts he called friends with his repeated harassment of 'the Rakshasa', Soha.

The end of Greta and Nina's use of TransLifeLine as a scam, and the subsequent wasteland that is La Zorra.

Colt Steidman almost moving to California before calling it off the day before because she felt 'unsafe', all while being the definition of someone who uses their BPD and troon status as a replacement for a personality.

Transscribe getting most likely fictional FFS and dubious bottom surgery, and Phil's confusing and unlikely stink ditch installation.

And nthing the zoosadists, Jonathan Yaniv, the DSP hooker/catfishing couple revelations, the TERF alliance, and Brianna Wu's bullshit congress run and accompanying antics from Warren.

Polish Hot Dog (spicie)

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The times I've spent locked in here watching all you autists <3
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(2018 edition)
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Your local mermaid fucker
We be Gremlins

Onionboy vs the lorax

Vordrak paying to knock us offline

luna " has she killed the plants yet" slater accidentally doxed herself


Hey you're a Dredgen, now fight like one!
- Mundane matt exposing himself for reporting multiple videos against him after a few hours of denial.
- Jerry peets's Steven universe sucks and heres why video and the backlash he got from it
- The kero the wolf drama and kiwifarms turning into csi for a few days
- The one girl who came here to make fun of kiwifarms and thus getting her own thread
- Kyle2252 getting his own thread after saying dumb shit in the Kothorix thread
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my Zoe Quinn favorites for 2018 said:

NYCC interview about her characters being a mess:

And clips from issue #1 from her comic: (day after archive, page 3 added & thread was still up)

that missing page 3 is annoying, need to pluck it from the zippy myself I guess:

Goddess Mode 001 (2018 ) (Digital) (CONwoman-Empire).cbz (nice callout Poopster)

Her twitter is lit up with retweets of every outlet kissing her ass for the past week, it's very reminiscent of the 14 "Gamers are over" articles but instead of bashing their customers it's just typical corporate shilling. I guess it's handy she's compiled all her paid-off reviews in one place for us.

View attachment 613143

View attachment 613144

I'd swear these were Crash Override quotes:
View attachment 613152

projecting about social media, twitter, dude tech in general:
View attachment 613172

View attachment 613758

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