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Jahi McMath's death.. second death.

Chris's convention meltdown. On top of that, the whole Idea Guy saga.

Claire Hartley's death.


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- I am amazed that Tommy Tooter isn't mentioned more often here, particularly his Tucson-Denver run:
  • He got run off his favorite hippie spot by a Big Show-sized dude, which made him scared for his life.
  • He then proceeded to use his rent money to get a bus ticket to Denver to finish his lovequest and meet up with a FtM tranny named Diane
  • Diane proceeded to kick him out in less than a day, and didn't give up her mangina (yes he called it that)
  • Remember what I said about his rent money? Well he returned to an eviction notice, and now has to live in a Barrio where he literally has to listen his neighbor beat his girlfriend through the thin walls. He also mentioned hearing gunshots multiple times.
  • Not long after he gets situated in the barrio, @Null proceeds to make a stream on him (Parts 1, 2), which isn't just hilarious, but completely fucks up his YouTube SEO (the KF channel is now a "related channel" to his lmao), to the point where he chimps out about it:

- Bryan and I had quite a few adventures in 2018: the highlights are:
  • @Null becoming the digital incarnation of Mike Snyder by legally banning Bryan from this site.
  • Metokur then proceeded to make this song a Kiwi staple. That stream was fucking magical and cannot be missed.
  • Not having had enough, Bryan had to sock not one, but two times. With the 2nd one (@BoomerPhil) ending in particularly memorable fashion.


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Bulla's antics. I think that my biggest laugh on KF this year was when I was reading about the VonWolf demons. Hope he gets some help now.

Everyone who thinks that KF is this super evil nazi site that kills everyone they have a thread on( I admit that I'm biased, but I liked Sam Ambreen Salah the best).

Like 70-80 percent of the featured threads, I love opening a new featured thread and reading about some new autism that I previously had no Idea about.


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Me getting Becky to drive me to the Cheesecake Factory at 6 am. The orange chicken wasn’t that good, but the adventure was fun.

The Torrid hauls were good this year too
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Greyfriars Jandek
Null laughing at "i love veggies" in the Chantal-stream!
that fully whites of the eyes freeze frame moment in the same stream where she's gone full fucking food demon.

she is just channelling whatever that fucking hunger beast is from the depths of wherever it comes from......fucking darkest scariest thing .....
edit - except she's not actually hungry


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Lagoona's halal and Pamela Swain, who without the latter, we never would have learned about the dark underbelly of the celebrity world.


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Any of the furry Youtubers and or "popufurs" that have made apology videos that get pulled apart within seconds even by their own fans

All zoosadists leaked and doxxed or DFEd and quit the fandom. Especially Icecream saga actually getting somewhere somehow

Hartley Hooligan heavenbound

John S Bulla pulling a Michael Myers

Jasonafex throwing Kabs under the bus and both leaving all bases for smaller ones

Xanadu / Altfurry and their multiple failed reich

Ashleyzoefox making Kero's case worse
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