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My top 5:

1. Onision getting assfucked by the state of Washington and his subsequent Twitter and YouTube meltdowns.

2. Brianna Wu's failed congressional campaign and the inside dirt dished by former aide Warren Lynch

3. Mark Waid and his lawyer continually acting like spergs online in the run-up to Waid's lawsuit against Richard C. Meyer.

4. Rebecca "Bex" Gerber e-begging for cash to pay for "cancer surgery" and then using it on an expensive vacation to Disney.

5. Various anti-Comicgaters like Renfamous, Mags Visaggio, Michelle Perez, and Kwanza Orangejello spazzing out on Twitter when Dickie Meyer so much as coughs.

I look forward to the resolution of the Meyer vs. Waid case in 2019, as well as Becky's fake nuptials to Cuck #2 in Germany.

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a look to 2019 the years of


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  • Amberlynn and her girlfriend waiting at the mall at like, 7am for Cheesecake Factory to open @ 10am.
  • Any time Kailyn ignored her daughter, Gracie.
  • Preston whining, which I know, is an every day occurrence.
-Jahi McMath finally dying for good and ridding her awful mother of her Michael Kors pity bux. Rest easy, sweet princess.

And Claire Hooligan dying!
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Trying to think of something fun this year that hasn't been mentioned repeatedly and all I can really think of is Momokun getting #MeTooed and the downward spiral she's gone on from there including removing her ass in photoshop. Stuff that has been mentioned the high cow death rate while not a favorite moment is a notable trend this past year, Nick Bate's appeal, Onision's destruction of wetland, Yandere dev's failure at PR and damage control, KoP's annihilation, ADF "Running" to prove to us he can on second thought don't mention him at all it'll bug him more to be left out of the video and Channel Awesome impolding.


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The stream that was looking back at ParkourDude91.

Yandere Dev and his gremlins video.

Zoosadist getting doxed and what came from it such one of Kero's buddies namedropping Kiwi Farms in an interview.

Channel Awesome having its own shitstorm wherein the late JewWario turned out to of raped a person.

A German Twitter sperg thinking @Hellfire had to be Bro Team and the only proof said sperg had was just a screenshot of a Hellfire post.

The thread wherein many Kiwis banded together to post the spergings of Twitter users that try to justify their dances on the grave of Total Biscuit.

Jay Geiss returning.

Birthday Dickpunch

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Both definitely mentioned already, but:

Change The Channel, largely because that's how I found this place :heart-full:

Null's foodie beauty stream, specifically his reaction to the aborted threesome story. I already knew the story, so listening to him was like watching small children discover the world for the first time. :lit:
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Jake Alley fucking himself over several times was good. I liked it when he did a second zoepost right before some game convention, and all his "friends" BTFOed his gnome ass IRL. It was even better when he couldn't ride the anti-Riot #metoo wave, because he spent the past few years shit talking their female-by-birth unwhite diversity czar.

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Just a note for @Null but Chloe was actually a legit game dev unlike Zoe. She made an indie horror game called Homesick that actually wasn't that bad.

She was also a scammer like Zoe though, the reason she got a lolcow thread in the first place was being outed for crowdfunding for alleged car-crash related injuries but it was actually for sex reassignment surgery. The dude who discovered and published the story was fired and then later Chloe went to send death threats to Brianna Wu and did a bunch of other insane shit I can barely remember rn.

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