Yeoshin Lourdes / Cuntresse / Jane / The Feminine ReckoningNarcissistic "consultant", "financial dominatrix", and "writer" who demands payment for existing

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by horror.jpg, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. Yeoshin Lourdes, Jane, or Cuntresse is a hardcore SJW who considers herself a "financial dominatrix, private consultant, and writer," however, in reality, she sits on twitter screeching about men, e-begging, and posting "sexy" pictures of herself, wherein she always has marks in her skin from doing nothing but laying in bed all day.


    I found her when one of my twitter mutuals retweeted a few things from her. I thought for a while that she was simply your run-of-the-mill narc, but when I finally looked into her, the hole went much deeper. She and her friends Bardot Smith and Lauren Chief Elk-Young Bear all created this hashtag on twitter - #GiveYourMoneyToWomen - which she primarily uses to say "Give your money to me specifically", though apparently there's a much deeper and much more profound meaning behind it, and the hashtag itself is a "movement." I looked into her friends she made this tag with, considering making a thread on all of them as a group, but it quickly became clear that she’s by far the most unhinged out of the three.

    Starting with her twitter, most of the content consists of her "laying out" men who @ her, encouraging people to break up with their boyfriends/husbands for not giving them money for breathing the same air as a dirty man and cheering them on when they do, posting a million posts saying "give me money," posting images of her getting money, and what she buys with it.

    "Buy me something" in the first breath,
    "Men are gold digging whores" in the next.

    A lot of it is trying to be witty and twist words around.
    upload_2017-1-18_3-53-54.png upload_2017-1-18_3-54-35.png

    Yay, you broke up with the pig who didn't give you money for listening to his problems because that's absolutely not part of what a relationship is or anything.

    Then, as said before, pictures of the money she receives and what she buys with it.
    upload_2017-1-18_3-55-59.png upload_2017-1-18_3-56-55.png

    Her websites push her ego to the limit. She strictly refers to herself in the third person as "Her" and "She", intentionally capitalised implicating herself to be a deity or goddess because she’s got a huge god complex and likes extorting people. She refers to giving her money as "worship" and "tribute", because she genuinely believes she’s some sort of divine being blessing us by merely existing. It’s painfully obvious on her first website.

    upload_2017-1-18_3-57-25.png upload_2017-1-18_3-57-50.png upload_2017-1-18_3-58-19.png upload_2017-1-18_3-58-46.png
    Individual page archives:

    On her second website, she goes by the pseudonym "Jane" and speaks in the first person. She drops the messiah complex here like a normal human being, but it's still horseshit. She charges abysmal rates you can easily use to hire an actual professional for real help. Not that these insane SJWs who buy into this would want that anyway. They might be oppressed by a bad therapist who says they're delusional.

    Of course, both of these websites are just tumblr blogs trying to pass for professional, because that’s the only website these people ever rely on.

    Now, touching on the whole #GiveYourMoneyToWomen thing mentioned earlier:

    They had an entire interview about the hashtag in a crossover with Shanely Kane, but it's obnoxiously long, so I'll only include a few choice bits here.


    My favourite part, because later on, while I can't find the tweet, Yeoshin says that the only people upset over this are men and white women. All of her POC sisters definitely agree with her unquestionably, yes.

    Yeoshin Lourdes:
    Twitter: "Old" primary platform [Archive]
    Instagram: "New" primary platform [Archive]
    Tumblr "Professional website": [Archive: Home, About, Approach, Affairs, Tribute, Pleasure, Engagement]
    Tumblr x2 Other "Professional website": [Archive: Home / Appointments with Jane, Book an Appointment, Gift Vouchers, Be a Sponsor, Contribute]

    Bardot Smith: Twitter - Co-Creator of #GiveYourMoneyToWomen
    Lauren Chief Elk-Young Bear: Twitter archive, Tumblr, Instagram - Co-Creator of #GiveYourMoneyToWomen
    Shanely Kane of MVC: Thread - Interviewer of note
    MVC interview: Give Your Money To Women: The End Game of Capitalism [Archive]


    Edit: the attachments broke and I only just noticed that, I'm sorry. I fixed them.
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    horror.jpg I've seen some shit.
  2. I guarantee any person who hires this lady to give out relationship advice is actually paying $100 for excellent directions on how to destroy any semblance of a healthy relationship. All she's ever going to say is: your cuck boyfriend sucks, get rid of him.

    On a powerlevel note: I've made a deal with Satan for my gorgeous good looks and I'm pretty sure this will be the first thing I see when I die:

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  3. Findoms are awesome. Pay piggies are real lolcows and they need a comm watch of their own.
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  4. Fixed all of the attachments, sorry about that.

    That's basically a good chunk of all that she tweets. She went around parading "DumpHim #2016" and made that a hashtag too.

    I agree about the comm watch of the pay piggies, too. I generally don't care for findoms, but she branches out from being just that and claims to be an actual therapist, which she isn't.
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    horror.jpg I've seen some shit.
  5. [recusing myself from thread due to my tendency to thirstpost]
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  6. Over what?
    For an Asian girl, she's nothing special. Kinda heavy looking, way too much makeup, oval face with no chin....
    She's pulling a solid "eh".
    I mean, not to be shitty, but if you're gonna demand men worship your beauty, you need to be at least a hard 9.
    She's pulling like a generous 6. Not bad, but nothing you'd show off.
    Dunno fam, if you were gonna pay for arm candy, this is settling something fierce.
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  7. In that pic, sure. There are...better ones available.

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  8. I've seen.
    She's a meh. If you're expected to pay for it, it's a hard sell.
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    Dr. Boe Jangles Esq. A terrible man who must be stopped
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  9. Autistic thirst, as you know, knows no bounds. Bowing out!
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  10. Damn, I didn't see that coming because she didn't seem extreme at all when I checked, though I saved the links a while ago. I looked into it, and it seems she's set up a Tumblr since then. OP updated to reflect this, and the archive link has been added into the link dump. Thank you.
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    horror.jpg I've seen some shit.
  11. Here's her Instagram, which it appears is where she's most active.

    Very odd combination of SJW spergery, food pictures and whining about the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas.

    BTW, has the Tumblr been updated since 2015? That was the last time March 23 fell on a Monday at any rate.
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  12. #GWYM because women have a hard time finding the support and resources they need but pay me sixty bucks an hour to grace you with my presence bitches
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  13. I'm not actually sure, I didn't quite check the dates, but I know when I last searched around, I got the twitter link first, and then all of the articles. The tumblr wasn't there, nor was the instagram. The same goes for Yeoshin and Bardot, it was all twitter links and no other social media that I could find.

    I'll note that when I did the check when gathering the links for this eventual post, Yeoshin also had her instagram private, so it's highly likely that they all kept everything private, but just recently made it all public in response to Lauren's twitter being banned, and that's just where they're moving to now. For the Tumblr, if it was private like I suspect it was, that means it's a side blog.
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    horror.jpg I've seen some shit.
  14. She's a generous 5. Not even alcohol is making her look good.
    Why do I get the feeling that this "Lauren Chief-Elk" is a suburban white woman that claims to be 1/56 cherokeean princess?
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    Coldgrip Fucking Bully
  15. Whether or not she's attractive (which seldom enters into domme situations - I don't know that I've ever known a regular or financial sub who cares if the person abusing them is traditionally hot), the fact remains that only exceptional people will be drawn to this sort of thing. If you are a woman who thinks this person will give you good relationship advice or help you navigate the social binary, you are probably a lolcow in some regard. Universally men who are into findommes, willing to give away their money to a woman who abuses them and will never treat them kindly AND tells them this from the get-go, are lolcows in some regard. She's gross, lazy, a lunatic and possibly a sociopath but she's preying on stupid people and it's hard not to like that. I will always applaud anyone who exploits a willing paypig.
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  16. Does this lady have many followers? With fem dom shit it's hard to tell because theres always going to be two or three dudes who will just fall completely batshit in love with the idea of this person, and spend all their money, do anything for them, so it's hard to know if their self-worth is delusion or people actually doing what they say, and them playing the part of an act.

    I kinda feel a little bit bad for pay pigs because that level of depravity, its kinda fucked up. Like their brain is broken and it almost does become a "gender issue" but that's neither here or there. I get that men are the disposable gender but having so little self esteem or whatever that you get off on being treated like shit, or having your small dick insulted, its kind of depressing.

    The only reason I say it kind of crosses the line into "gender issues" is because if a woman who was that vulnerable entered a situation like this it would probably be considered abuse and people would feel bad for them. But in the case of pay pigs, theyre just stupid people who ask for it (they do). Which I agree with, its a consentual and they get off on it, I guess, but Im still like, damn, have some empathy.

    They arent even paying for companionship. Some of these dudes are so deprived of socialization theyre paying someone to make fun of them because even that much attention excites them, and not only that but they dont see anything wrong with paying for it. In a way it breaks my heart.

    You could save your money and put a Sonichu necklace on and go hang out by the middle school and get the same sort of attention, dudes! Eating a bullet for lunch would be cheaper and more effective at solving your problems.

    Yeah she looks kinda old. She definitely has the angry asian mom look going on. She looks like she would hurt you but not for sexual thrill, she's hitting you because you got a 88 on a test instead of a 98.
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  17. I think a lot of women think to go into sex work or paid kink stuff, but forget what that means. Once your body is a service, you're a commodity, and are appraised as such. There are no fat escorts.
    It's ugly, but to do this kind of thing you need to be able to take a hard look at where you rank on the conventional standard of beauty, because that's gonna pretty much tell you how much success you can hope for.
    This is a woman with unremarkable features who looks about 10 years past her competition. A massive ego won't change the fact that a guy with zero self esteem and more money than brains will probably shop elsewhere. It's not like there's a shortage of vapid 20-somethings that will take his cash.
    Sex work is not an equal opportunity employer. Cry about it or get a real job.
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  18. She wouldn't be the first person to turn the cause of 'social justice' into a personal enterprise. Gotta give her some props for having the balls to call herself a divinity but that's basically where the line's drawn—anything past that is just trying way too damn hard to appeal to potential pay pigs and probably alienating your usual cucks. The kind who'd buy a fucking Safety Pin Box because they don't insult straight white men beyond just enough.
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  19. oh my god, I am so glad she's got a thread now. I HATE Yeoshin Lourdes. I run in very ~White Feminist~ circles and many of my friends lick the Cuntresse's cack up as fast as she can tweet it. She's poisonous and self-serving, and rapidly convincing otherwise harmless, slightly sheltered white women with feminist leanings to become utterly intolerable rage filled banshees. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen should be about contributing to the women in the twitter community who inspire and educate people, not feeding YL's goddamned PayPal balance.

    She shares screenshots of women who send her money with notes like "This is the money I was going to spend on my now ex-boyfriend's birthday present!" and "This was our money for couples' counseling!" Some of my otherwise very intelligent friends just cannot see that she's not driven by a desire to help women in any shape or form, she's only driven to keep herself in luxury.

    That's what's truly diabolical about her. YL has tapped into the fact that women feel under appreciated, and she's using this anti-male rhetoric to fund her basic bitch shopping sprees. Women deserve equal pay, women deserve appreciation from their partners, women deserve to have their opinions and concerns heard, but change isn't brought on by telling cishet men that they're less than garbage. No matter how satisfying that feels when there's a lack of acknowledgement by them on the table. She's making bank driving wedges between women and their partners. It's like, don't throw the baby (bf/partner/husband) out with the bath water, most relationship issues can be resolved with communication. The "Cuntresse" won't listen to the daily stresses of your day, she can't comfort you when you're upset, and she won't dick you down. Ending your relationship over her "enlightening advice" and sending her your hard earned money is batshit insane.

    Edit: Also, for the longest time she NEVER showed her face on twitter. Lol she's got a hot body and a stern Asian mom face. Real joyless jowl bitchface she's got there.
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