Artcow YoshiWii1 - The number 1 Son/Amy/Amy Rose fan.

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YoshiWii1 is an obsessive Sonic/Amy fan who claims anyone who is not a Sonic/Amy fan is not a true fan of Sonic. He has reported anti-Sonai fanart in the past and has gone all spergy on the Anti-Sonic/Amy fanclub on DA. He blames his behavior on Autism, depression, and anxiety.

He is also a brony and during his list of hot furries he mentioned Rarity and he said that humanized versions of Rarity look like his mom and people tell him that is mom is very hot. He also put Arthur's mother on the list and said Arthur is lucky to have such a hot momma.

He has a "sexier" redisgned for Amy Rose that makes her look anorexic. Once a girl tried to help him by doing her own version of his design that was much better than his (But that isn't saying a lot) He reported her for plagiarism and blocked her.

He is also a virgin with rage and constantly complains about how badly he wants a girlfriend to love him like Amy does sonic.

He stalked an artist on DA who barely spoke to him, but when she posted a pic of herself he commented that he "knew" she loved him as a person and he loved her back.

This is only the tip of the iceburg.

Here is his DA
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José Mourinho

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What is Sonai? I tried checking it but all I got is a Sonic OC so far.

Anyway, from my first glance he seems like a typical dA user, but does have potential.

Him trollshielding a Sonic fanboy who is mentioned by BLACKBusterCritic for having sex with underaged girls:

Okay now I want Shadamy to be canon just to spite the little cretin. Especially if it's evil!Shadow.


Sorry, I am not a Sonic fan and didn't know the name or spelling of the Sonic/Amy pairing

I can easily picture the inverse, a girl really going out of her way to avoid him at all costs.

José Mourinho

The Special One
Global Moderator
True & Honest Fan
Sorry, I am not a Sonic fan and didn't know the name or spelling of the Sonic/Amy pairing
The name is Sonamy afaik.

Btw, found this interesting info. This YoshiWii1 is pretty notorious on DeviantArt, YouTube and any other sites.
I really cannot stand

I hope he leaves Deviantart and let me explain why: First of he only likes my art because I love to draw Sonic X Amy fan art he doesn´t care about my art skill or my own characters. He uploads his art EVERYWHERE and it isn´t good but I cannot ignore it because it puts it in every Sonic group. He is rude towards my friend who loves SonicxSally and he has disrespected Sonic Yaoi fans.

I don´t want him to bully him but he is a bully to those who don´t love SonAmy. He doesn´t care about Art and shows no respect for anyone who doesn´t agree with him. He gives my fandom a bad name!

EDIT: Play the sad violin everyone.

Mechanism Eight

Give us eyes.
This is his "sexy" resign of Amy Rose.

It looks like a shitty OC.

Oh wait, it might as well be one, judging by how she doesn't act like Amy past her obsession with Sonic.

Anyways, I'm looking through this guy's DeviantART. I'll have more to say once I'm done that.

Okay, having taken a thorough look at their stuff on DeviantART, I can safely say that they're seeing shit that just plain isn't there. They've more or less made a shit-tacular OC which more or less replaces Amy entirely, and spout baseless drivel about how their pairing is 100% legit and totally not just a mass delusion.

Oh, they've also got:
  • A number of shitty "death battle" ideas
  • A bio of their so-called "Amy" that is horribly stereotypical and stupid
  • terrible mass-crossover fanfiction "parodies" that are supposed to be animated shorts (in other words, more delusional pipedreams)
I also love how he says "get out of this fanfiction/prose/etc if you don't like it" rather than something that makes sense.

All in all they're a typical deviantART faglord, and don't seem too special.
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Johnny Bravo

What the hell am I looking at in this picture? I know that's Sonic on the left, but who and what the hell is to the right of him?

Sonic and "Amy." The picture is titled 'Teaming Up' so I guess they're supposed to be doing... some kind of awkward high five?

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