Artcow YoshiWii1 - The number 1 Son/Amy/Amy Rose fan.

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It reminds me of Hedorah from the Godzilla movies.


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Personally, I don't really mind his redesign of Amy. Could do with a bit of touching up, but I have seen worse artwork.

Still, the possibility that he is into incest creeps me out quite a bit.


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What is Sonai? I tried checking it but all I got is a Sonic OC so far.

Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, Sonai is the pairing name for Sonic/Akai, who is the OC of AkaiDalia, who got a nice long rant series on her. One of her defining traits as a "Sonic fan" is her absolute hatred of Amy Rose, despite her character looking pretty much the same.


Wow. I'm surprised Yoshi got a thread here, but since no one knows what happened in the past year, I'll show you all.

Yoshi left DA around that time, but he came back.
He acted like a sociopath. People began to hate his ass even more

But according to a girl on DA named total-nerdasaurus (Amy Chan on YouTube) she found the truth about yoshiiwii2.
Hes a troll account.
Yoshi on the other hand, literally left Deviantart and said hes not going back, and hes doing other things the screenshots in the DA journal will serve as proof. This means Yoshi has moved on and turned over a new leaf.

I asked Total-Nerdasaurus about this, she told me that she believes that hes truly changed and wants all this drama about him to become a closed book. She even removed her rant videos on him.
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