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So to give brief ocntext on SSB, this individual is a youtuber with "19k" subscribers, who often makes art and most if not all of her content about undertale, but is slowly transitioned to danganronpa, mostly out of Wanting for the "I to the cool kid so i'm gonna tell everyone i'm into this franchise as well, despite i don't know shit about it." approach because most likely her friends are really into it. and like any other normie, she will just like it out of popular belief without any regards whether she actually likes it or not. but other than that she is also a sans fan girl, considering if you look at her deviant art. most if not almost all of her art is mostly filled to the brim with sans, which she had once got mad and made an entire "Rough torrants video" about this individual who had called her a sans fangirl and a furry, which...is ironic considerinbg she draws her favorite oc "Anti-Glitch" sans mostly with a fluffy loo kdespite being a skeleton, and for some reason it has fluff on it, and she calls him fluffy, as she had also made other art that seriously contradicts herself with making other stuff relating to what she could call "Nekos" which Neko's are still furries to an extent even if its just the animal features.

As for the first foxboi video, it all so happens to be all recorded by SSB-smash who was involved during the foxboi drama, who eventually ended up becoming a pedophile enabler and pedophile supporter defender. and pretty much still lets one of Foxboi11's main defenders still be featured on her channel and still her friend, this person is named Reaperdrop12, or i should say on SSB's channel "Mistress Hedgehog" or Inkdrop10. To give context on SSB-smash, she is a Youtuber with 18k subscribers or now 19k subscribers, and so happens to be a cringe-lord when it comes to Undertale. as literally everything about her channel is pretty much revolving around sans and only sans as the same would go for her deviant art account and even has some weird series that is a sesame street reject known as "Merciful Boulevard" except its literally filled to the brim with nothing but sans, no frisk, no papyrus, no toriel, only sans and nothing else making her look like a sans fangirl.

There is one major thing about SSB that is relevant to this drama, ever since her drama with my friends had started, she so happened to take reaper back despite knowing that Reaper not only just defends foxboi but also hangs out with him all the time even after the foxboi drama when everyone including SSB herself found out Foxboi is a pedophile. but here's the thing, whenever SSB gets caught or is being called out now a days, her method of going against it is to pretty much pretend to not remember and just play stupid while all her friends, or I should say dick riders and clout chasers do all the fighting for her while she simply just does nothing except give small half assed replies letting things and drama get out of hand, if you look in my twitter there is proof of that when I trolled her discord server. kind of like another time she did except the first time she did it, she pretended to be weak and simply let things get out of hand in her own server which she could have put a stop to, but instead had done nothing about it.

Much like now only to pretty much satisfy her fetish for drama and letting it get out of hand. so pretty much if any of you confront her about all of this, she will play stupid despite there being evidence. And the only main and primary reason why she had took the pedophile defender back is over a common mutual hatred towards my friends and now also me.

She also is a liar, from multiple occasions, she has been relying on manipulative tactics on her own fans and friends to pretty much attack and bully someone she personally doesn't like. that being one kid who is much younger than her ended up calling her subscribers fake and took it personally enough to send everyone in her server to bully him in her own words, which she herself cannot back out from. she even sent people to go after someone who she has a huge hate boner for and cannot stop mentioning her in any way even when this person she hates is no longer relevant even after a few years since her first drama with this individual. and that was with an individual known as Marionette.

now with Marionette, honestly, the real reason why SSB hates her so much is pretty much the most childish of reasons anyone SSB's age could even think of. she is personally holding a vendetta against marionette, over being called out on her bullshit, and since then SSB just hated her guts for it, which in turn, she uses her own DM's at the time as an opportunity and an excuse to use the whole coincidence of their art looking the same and simply call it inspiration. if it was for inspiration, it would be the exact thing except the little pumpkin character is replaced with sans. but instead would be much different in terms of it's concept and idea. but instead she went with the whole excuse of marionette being the one to have stole her idea, but here's the thing if marionette was actually inspired by SSB, she would have actually credited SSB. and SSB constantly changes the story, to where she even made a Rough Tor Rants to officially seal the deal on her story to desperately try to be in a right over a situation that never even happened and took Marionette Calling her out, out of context. all for a desperate attempt to get people on her side and to get back at her. if you ask me, this is just pathetic and very petty.

But you want to know what's even more petty? during a second interaction with Marionette, SSB just goes out of her way only to bully Marionette with her friends after literally promising her that She would talking to her. Only to lie and say Yeah I'll talk to you "AND MY FRIENDS TOO". (you can check it out on my google drive) and pretty much during the entire conversation, it was mostly SSB and her friends dragging her into a voice call and mostly bullying her with the iconic fake tears comment. but here's the thing, the video itself did come from SSB, as she had used it for episode 4 of rough tor rants, another shitty series she has where she makes videos on people she personally doesn't like and all of them except for one of the episodes (The rainbowdash one) are literally situations that should have been handled privately, for instance the episode when she has been called a sans fangirl and a furry, that itself is a prime example of what should have been private and not been made into a video in the first place. but i will be talking about that one momentarily.

Now back to the topic on SSB's drama with Marionette, don't be surprised at this but, of course she had the bright idea to make two episodes on Marionette instead of wanting to hash stuff out. like, she even got mad and sent people to attack Marionette in the comment section when she tried to apologize. which is how the whole video on SSB bullying marionette had started. as SSB even went out of her way to dox her once in her now dead or deleted server, showing her face, as even went out of her way to bring up Marionette's personal info about her deceased family member after it being shared from who is now Marionette's Ex-girlfriend known as Catty.

but before the Marionette drama happened, SSB was still friends with Marionette sometime during the time Marionette was dating catty, SSB mostly used Marionette for her own personal gain to make herself feel better and only came to Marionette for that purpose as whenever Marionette is sad or upset, SSB usually gives just generic responses and "tries" to be there for her. the key word in that situation for SSB is "tries". only to barely do shit and pretty much be selfish and inconsiderate when it comes to Marionette's needs. especially like the time SSB was crying to marionette over her own dumb mistake of showing her face in a small group, and even got upset over a simple comment even. which all did lead up to Marionette eventually calling her out which was how her drama with marionette started.

Now we get to the build up, so pretty much, as i had stated before about SSB attacking some kid that called her subscribers fake, at the time one of her now ex-friends, actually no, two in fact actually called SSB out on her bullshit on basically sending everyone to attack and harass the same kid that had called her subscribers fake making her pretty pissed off. to be honest, the fact she has so many subscribers in such a short amout of time ranging from 2019 to 2021 so quickly is pretty suspicious as well as not having many people in her twitch or youtube streams as well. and if you look at her channel, she barely gets any dislikes or only a tiny handful but always get a ton of likes and views. and to top it all off. her community and fanbase is pretty small. and i could assume most of her discord server is made up of half of everyone being there are inactive members.

Now, here comes the part where she had gotten called out by two people, one of them being one of the dickriders she has being known as FonnieBonnie, and the other person, who actually has common sense known as Poly. Now Fonnie, being the first one only called out SSB for basically one of the littlest flaws she has with in turn caused problems between her and SSB, with SSB only sometime after the poly situation. kicking her out because of it and temporarily dropping her friendship. As with Poly, she dropped him as well over calling her out from her sending people to attack the kid that called her subscribers fake. which in turn, caused her to attack and confront him outside of discord after that in two places, and in one of the places, she so happens to do something very interesting, and what this "interesting" thing she did while confronting poly on of the two different platforms is where she ended up sending him death threats saying "I will literally buy a plane ticket to texas with a knife and stab you" over being called a sans fangirl. you would see the pure irony on that screenshot if you look at the google drive,. as this was all happening before Poly's friend Yoshie SD posted their expose video on SSB herself.

though sometime after, apparently the video finally came out, SSB was confronting them about the video, and watched it, she saw how it could literally ruin her reputation and everything about her. though lo and behold, she decided to drag one of my friends in with little to no context of what's going on in the slightest to defend her out of desperation when cornered like a scared child calling for their parent (Which she ended up doing). and basically only use him as a means to hopefully try to get out of it, while having someone do the defending and talking mostly for her. while she acts like a coward shitting her pants, which did happen in a call they were in as well.

At that time, SSB only had herself deafened and muted the entire time, presumably she was losing her shit and being THAT upset that the truth on her being a sack of shit is exposed, though at the time during the dm call, she ended up undeafening her audio only to for some reason to record Tomo and my friends talking about the situation, even during when she had tomo and some of his friends confront poly about the situation from SSB dragging them in. but sometime a little bit after, for some reason seeing that SSB saw no real way out of it, she basically went from throwing a fit to basically looking hopeless. and for some reason wanted a truce, which confused my friends who SSB barely given context of the situation for, failed to tell them more, as it did end off on a truce, that whole situation did not end off on a good note either, as after all of that fiasco was going on and talking about the situation, SSB, like i said before, ended up going to her mom to tell her aobut the situation and basically get her little brother in trouble and grounded after telling her mom everything that happened. as she pretty much used her own mother against her brother as a cheap way of getting back at her own brother, from basically not only doing the right thing for helping contributing to help his friends video on exposing SSB, but the sad part is, Weegee is basically used by his own sister who practically hates him mas during the drama happened, she also once strole money from him, only to buy her new VR headset and a few other stuff she spent it on. and even forces him into not being around his own best friends ever since the expose video. basically threatening him if he were to be caught hanging out with them again, she will basically just tell her parents and he'll end up not being able to talk to them for good.

Though sometime after that, before she let the pedo defender Reaperdrop10/Mistress hedgehog back in her friend circle. and this was during the drama SSB ended up having with Endo, now with the drama with endo. at first, Endo was thought to be their friend, only to find out, they had ended up discovering he is a manipulative perverted sack of shit who had did fucked up things like blackmail, manipulating people into doing what he wants, and is even a reverse pedo (you can scroll down to the endo context if you want to know more.) apparently at the time he manage to manipulate Reaper into working on his side, basically Reaper ended up trying to suck his dick and suck up to him thinking he could basically ruin my friends. kind of like how she is currently using SSB right now. which after her fiasco with trying to "end drama" it all failed and in turn, ended up back firing on Endo on providing us evidence on him, only to then get backstabbed later of course, knowing reaper. whenever someone doesn't meet her expectations on getting rid of someone, she is of course going to ditch them at the last minute.

And now we get near the true reasons on why SSB dropped Tomo and his friends and why she had "stopped being apart of drama", now before that had happened, they had apparently gotten more info on this sick fuck. and during that time, with all the evidence, all SSB did around that time was pretty much bumblefucking around instead of making a video on this guy, why? you make ask, well here's the thing. SSB only cares about having fun, and will only act serious if its something towards her specifically such as calling her out or insulting her, but if its going on to anyone else, she really wouldn't care about it, even if she were to be paid to help out.

Though during that time, she ended up banning a certain individual like how she banned one of her dickriders FonnieBonnie, yet again over being called out on one flaw that is true about her, basically like what poly called her, a sans fangirl. only to end up banning the guy over that specifically, rather than for the right reasons. which she could have banned the guy. though, sometime after that SSB and the otheres were actually gonna make a Rough Torrants on Endo, after we all had pretty much got some major evidence that could easily ruin the guy's reputation even on VR chat. though Endo eventually caught on that SSB was not on his side and out of paranoia, he ended up sending a strike to SSB's channel which did end up turing out successful, though at the time SSB was actually confident on getting rid of this guy, and even said she was going to make a video on this guy as the main topic of "episode 6" of rough torrants."

She even promised my friends she'd do it, and even have them help on a google doc to help with the script to make sure they go over EVERYTHING this guy had done on the internet. and while SSB was pretty much overconfident and bragging about the endo video, she come to find out, Episode 2 of "SSB's misadventures on the internet" ended up being taken down by a fake TerminalMontage account, with a pretty vague explanation as to why it got taken down in the description. though here's the thing that even confuses me when told about this. if it were to be the real TerminalMontage himself he would have made a more organized and pretty much better reasons as to why it has gotten taken down, but knowing SSB, she doesn't take the time to think about things and go ape-shit with anxiety and end up becoming a coward. and with her Confidence shattered on one strike on her channel, she really by any means did not want it taken down at all and end up choosing her channel, over putting the message on endo out there considering she has "19k subscribers" she shouldn't be worrying at the time. which did left them all to be confused as to why she was vague on not wanting to post the video. as instead of making the video or doing anytihng relating to it, she decided to go do other things instead of being a man of her own word on saying she'll make the video, though on a few occasions she ended up lying to my friend's face saying she'll do it tomorrow or on the next day, only to not do it at all by next week.

Which in turn, lead to her pulling bullshit excuses out of her ass pulling the "SO I CAN'T HANG OUT WITH MY FAMILY?!" excuse, which is kind of bullshit considering she hates her own little brother from him being friends with Poly and his friends and is a spoiled brat to her mother consider she threatened her she was going to kill herself if she doesn't get ungrounded. and even ignored everyone who brought up the Endo video or situation in her dm's, while she can visibly be seen fucking around making different videos while throwing different excuses out not to make it only to rarely come into VC's or not come into any of them at all if it has anything to do with the endo situation, and it even escalated further to a mental breakdown caused by her that one of my friends ended up having. though everyone else in the call was there and wanted to help him, but instead she pretty much only sat there and left without a care while it was all happening. and honestly, if i could put my own two sense into this. If you want to give people an idea that you don't want to do something, why won't you actually grow some balls and tell them that you don't want to do the video.

Instead of expecting people to pretty much read your mind that you don't want to do it. as that could create more problems for you. but anyways back to the topic, this in turn lead my friends to end up wanting to find some other way to expose Endo for the perverted snake he is. but before that, they so happen to try to confront SSB sometime after the mental breakdown, only to end up get a response that is pretty much copy and paste with a massive excuse pulled from her ass and basically acted like her she was forced out of wanting to do her own thing for the sake of a video, and pulls random excuses and even called her rant series a "career" and pulled up a situation that never happened. all to end it off saying the whole "This is my channel, not yours" thing, and end up blocking tomo. which not too long after Yoshie, Majima and charms even went to her about it, which she ended up blocking both Yoshie and Majima after they said their piece but for some reason not charms at the time. which did lead in turn to her excuse saying "I don't want to be apart of drama anymore" which she is still apart of, just not out in the open anymore. only to talk shit pretty much like what she did in her rough tor rants when she got called a sans fangirl (Which is true if you look at her deviant art).

Though during that time, Charms came to Yoshie's dm's providing him with some screenshots, and with the screenshots provided by Charms, at first she did seem neutral, only to find out, she is slowly getting more and more obvious of being pretty bias in SSB's favor the more she showed SSB's dm's, as ironically enough, it at the time it was safe to assume that Charms was still on SSB's side, basically by only showing only a few bits of SSB's dm's to not make her look "as bad" instead of the entire dm's with SSB herself which in turn, charms ended up fucking her over, even now, by making SSB look worse like the many times she did that until she stopped. though at the time, SSB did had another friend who unliek charms, actually wanted to be neutral and not want to be apart of the drama, considering she was already in drama herself with another group of people. only to come find out, SSB pretty much tried to pull the whole side choosing, and villainize her friend for not being on her side and thinking she was on my friend's side all because she wanted to be neutral in the situation and did not want to be apart of it, and at least Majima helped her in not getting another person who was in SSB's server to not be apart of the drama either at the time.

Though during the time that was going on, this was when they realize even after the Drama, SSB still uses Yoshi and Colt's art for sprites on her videos without crediting them, which did leave a few problems, though now adays she is still using colt's art of a sonic head on a shitty looking body SSB made of Major in her thumbnails. and sometimes still use it even now. So during that Time one of my now other friends Danny, who was recently in SSB's server, least at first he was never really involved much to begin with, as the days pass, Danny ended up getting banned or kicked from all of SSB's server, least in a rather slow and subtle method, with how SSB had done it, over suspicions that he was a spy, despite he was never really involved in the first place, as it also went by a more bias side of reasoings as well, with her simply kicking him just because he is friends with Tomo and his friends at the time.

And now we get to Recent times, so before i had met Tomo, Yoshi and the others, This would be around the start of my first twitter account to pretty much troll and shitpost like any other troll would, as considering i dislike SSB as well considering from me doing my own digging on her for the lying sack of shit she is, mostly on how the marionette drama really started and with the bullshit art theft story she told, and got a considerable amount of stuff on her as well. when i pretty much recolored and posted her shitty art on twitter, i notice other people seem to hate her though at first initially i thought it was for the same reasons on why i don't like her either for the stuff she did. though, to my surprise when i talked to one of them on a thread on twitter, it was when i had first started to know that, SSB did a lot more worst shit than i thought. though lo and behold, not to long after, SSB post a reply to my tweet before blocking me saying "Nice try tomo and the others fuck off" and to my surprise, despite she replied to me, she only post the blame on the people who hadn't really done anything at all to her. but considering she gave a troll some power and attention, that being me.

She pretty much kind of proved her main dick rider Charms wrong, who ended up confronting Yoshi on the same nice, acting like everything that was going on with me Trolling by posting SSB's shitty art was their doing and kind of trying too hard to look formal and smart, all to kind of fuck not only herself over, but also SSB, but that was when everything sealed the deal on her actually being very bias on SSB's favor which proved Tomo and his friend's suspicions of her to true, which some of them already caught onto her playing an act on playing double agent. now while she was making herself look stupid while playing the whole "discord moderator" act, she just starts saying stuff like "Your little group can't justify yourselves with a wrong. This kinda shows your true colors to me and i'm not liking it..." and then starts saying the best quote i gave her for 2020 "She's not taking it seriously, I'm taking it seriously. I'm a mod on SSB's server, and i don't care for a "random person" who likes to say faggot over and over making people uncomfortable. On the bottom line, i politely ask you to discourage the "third-party" individual." to that, all i can do is laugh, as this is what i mean with her whole "formal, mature" approach.

which is laughable as she is going with SSB's assumption on saying that i'm pretty much "Tomo and the others" only to come find out, she was not handling it the best way possible, if not she had just made SSB look worse and kind of stupid, for sending charms to come to yoshie of all people, as at the time when i was in their discord server (which you can check out the screenshots on my discord.) Just like with the poly situation, SSB kind of sat there and did nothing and act oblivious as i was calling her out. pretty much playing stupid rather than defend herself, only to have someone else basically do the talking for her, and end up defending her, though funnily enough it took them until the last minute to realize what i had posted on my twitter, which i will admit was funny and worth getting kicked out over. considering i got more proof of her being a shitty owner and unable to own up to her lies she spread to other people, though which to my surprise there were people that were pretty oblivious to the drama that i'm assuming are her actual fans and subcribers, but then there's the dickriders who were hellbent on mostly being SSB's personal mouth. while she sits there and does nothing but act stupid.

Though funnily enough, even after the whole "I'm not apart of drama anymore" Excuse was a lie, which was obviously no surprise. considering in a VR chat world, a little birdy informed me, they were definately fussing over it, considering SSB's best friend Reaper couldn't keep that fat mouth of her's shut only to find out..for some odd reason they are worrying over Marionette following me, despite the drama with marionette with SSB should have been dead and stayed dead, but knowing SSB, she tends holds grudges like a little brat whenever someone calls her out on her bullshit. which in turn still shows that, they still are procupied on the marionette drama.

though fast forwarding later, we now get to a the much more recent stuff so i would say like a few months ago up to now perhaps. At one point, Reaper so happens to not keep her mouth shut considering she couldn't help but end up typing on a comment on a now friend of mine named Roro on his video, who made his own expose video on foxboi, talking about the disgusting shit that pig has done. only to come find out, SSB's pet (Reaper) decided it was the bright idea of typing in the comment section like an idiot, without thinking it will obviously cause more shit on her part and make everything worse for herself and even SSB making them look even worse, considering she so happens to defend the same pedo i had mention at the top of this post. And oddly enough, she for some reason decided to include the same Pedo that raped her as well in it. which confuses me even more on why she even mentioned him in the first place when he had nothing to do with the situation at all. but considering Reaper is a pedo-loving whore, and simps for foxboi and probably does more fucked up shit with him behind her actual boyfriend Oro (who is also a pedo enabler), though in turn it really didn't make her, nor SSB look good considering she is in most of SSB's videos.

And now we get to THE most recent thing that has happened which was like a couple weeks or a week ago back , and honestly she yet again made SSB look worse, as this takes place on deviant art. though this all started when SSB had the bright idea of dragging in someone completely new, into the drama which they shouldn't even be apart of at all to begin with, let alone support SSB, as considering this person was pretty stubborn on not wanting to see any Evidence on SSB being in the wrong and by all means was practically a brick wall. Yoshi at the time along with Marionette tried to talk to the guy and talk some sense, though, as i saw this at the time, i pretty much had to send one of my informants to go ahead and show this guy some proof as well as maybe talk some sense into him to let them know what this person was getting themselves into. while that was going on, apparently the same guy's friend stepped into see what was going on, and 'lo and behold, Reaper of all people fucked up her and SSB's chances on getting someone else on their side as well with Reaper replying back to the whole argument mostly going on about, how they were the ones taking stuff about her out of context and actually seemed far concerned about getting exposed as a pedo defender than the current situation well, which the evidence i will be providing says otherwise on reaper's claim on people taking everything she says out of context. but back to the situation, she sealed the deal on ruining her chance with getting the person's friend on SSB's side by literally begging the person not to talk Tomo about more of the situation, only to basically make them more curious of the situation, rather than the results she wanted.

only to in turn have te person see Tomo and his friend's side of the story, and from what i have been told, i say that i don't blame them for being shocked at everytihng SSB did. as i too was shocked when i found out SSB did some fucked up shit than what she did with Marionette. though at the time when the SSB video she never bother to release was shown to the individual who was stubborn and hellbent on SSB, surprisingly enough it was enough to have them question and even ask them about it, only for Charms fucking SSb over, and SSB herself fucking herself over. considering she ended up doxing angelcat who the video was about, essentially being genuinley racist rather than actually joking around like a normal troll would. calling her a "donkey kong looking mother fucker" and even the n-word with the hard r out of anger. though the video itself is with the rest of the evidence, but back to the topic, basically, SSB went out of her way to pull a lie out of her ass, saying both her and Angel cat made up, as if that were the case, then Angel cat would have been in most of her videos as well to begin with. only to then find out, SSB never made up with her to begin with, which was a fucked up way to try to get out of a situation, as it does not end there as Charms goes out of her way to ping the same person saying "The videos they have of SSB being "racist" ain't real. They edited the footage to make her look bad!" which did look like it was typedo ut of depseration in hopes to keep the person on their side. though personally i think they just sealed their fates on losing after all of that, as with the video SSB made on angel cat, Charms pretty much contradicted what SSB stated in the screenshot of what SSB said.

discord: 【SSB★Smash】#3680 id: 343508420567236608 (Her alt: +SSB Smash+ #2160 ) id: 783830240190529556

SSB's Discord: https://discord.gg/gy7WzRC

SSB's youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAX3Aec8-aNDxo4g_tAUSJA

SSB's deviant art: https://www.deviantart.com/xxssb-smashxx/gallery

SSB's channel statistics on Social blade: https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCAX3Aec8-aNDxo4g_tAUSJA/monthly

(have fun trolling.)

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