You can only listen to a single game or movie soundtrack for the rest of your life -

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CLANNAD or Dragonheart. CLANNAD would've been obvious because it's hours' worth of music and there's a lot of wonderful tracks I couldn't trade for the world, but Dragonheart has that sense of magical wonder that promises optimism and adventure even though the duration's less than an hour long.

I dunno, tough decision.
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For a movie, Blade Runner comes to mind.

For a game, GTA San Andreas. If I could only have one radio station, probably SF-UR


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Singstar ABBA but the Playstation 3 version with the five extra tracks that the PS2 version (which I have) lacks.


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Do we get the entire soundtrack, or just what ended up on an album?

Either way, probably Rock and Roll High school.

If it's the entire soundtrack you get some MC5 and Velvet Underground.