You ever stop and wonder what you would do if you found your name on the farms? -

Enoby Way

Saw something nasty in the woodshed.
I'd relax because I've already scrubbed all my fur affinity accounts clean of identifying information. Now I just have my first and middle names, my birthdate, and state of residence, and the only link on there to my real identity is my twitter account. My twitter only contains my linked in which contains the pdf of my undergrad thesis promoting child sex dolls for pedophiles, and also my nudes. I *might* make a throwaway farms account to taunt people about how they'll never find my DeviantArt, or my RPF fanfic, and laugh at them for laughing at me.

Seriously though I would dfe, lie low on the internet, and try to move on irl. There is nothing you can do to remove a thread once you're documented on here so the best thing to do is give people nothing to observe and fade into obscurity rather than inflate the activity on the page. I.e. coming here to defend oneself would be a mistake.

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I'd just accept it and move on. The biggest problem with people that DO get their shit posted on here is that they immediately panic, try to deny any wrong-doing (or at least try to justify it), and worst case scenario freak out at everyone commenting and act like KF as a whole are the bad guys.

People respect you more when you own up to your shit, and if you remember the golden rule of "do not feed the trolls", the people that do poke you will eventually give up and move on to a different/better topic.