You ever stop and wonder what you would do if you found your name on the farms? -


Didn't Do Nuffin
Two days in the thread I would probably make my monumental future message, featuring an Sally love doll comprised of chicken bones, paper machete, and Crayola model magic. Just to Alog my way to the top of the forum. As the late and great Terry A. Davis would say;"It's good to be king."


We're elbows deep here
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If i got the tag "person of interest" i prefer acceptation and move on. If i have a thread in any non-offtopic subforum i prefer quit this page. Now, if i have a thread in a offtopic subforum (like in Art & Literature), probably i can answer near every non-"KF style" question.

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I'd be very surprised because I actually don't have an online presence at all under my real name aside from my old school yearbook. It would be the most boring thread ever.