You ever stop and wonder what you would do if you found your name on the farms? -

I'm way too fucking boring for any faggots to stalk me.
So are some of the cows here, imo, yet people work themselves into a frenzy over them anyway. In the case of ALR, the haydurs are more entertaining than she is by far. Lots of people allow themselves to be doxxed just to own some stupid fat cunt no one should care that much about on the internet. I think it is particularly funny that many in the ALR FB groups post their dumb and embarrassing powerleveling under their real names and pictures of their dainty 399lb fat asses. Even though they are at least somewhat aware of this site if not users of it themselves.

So maybe you might be boring, but maybe your stalkers get doxxed and outted as worse and more hilarious than you as a consolation prize.
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some degenerate autist from the furry fandom
Admit what you did is wrong and don't do that thing that got you on that thread in the first place. Otherwise, you're gonna be called out for your bullcrap and become a laughing stock.

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I would jump into the thread and defend myself to anonymous accounts .. then hire someone for part time minimum wage to monitor it for me... then respond to it constantly on my livestream and also screencap posts that hurt my feefees and tweet them out to show the haters how much I’m not bothered by it.
I post mainly on the Darksydephil thread and even though millions of people know about him no one fucks with him IRL(mostly because he never leaves the house). If you are not an influencer (streamer ,youtuber, instagram celeb, etc.) I don't think having a thread would have any effect on your life and even if it did just post on the internet with sock accounts instead of using an account linked to you.

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I'd take whatever advice y'all would give me to heart. After all, my worldview has kinda been shaped by interacting with a lot of you spergs.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck that shit, I'd do Deagle Nation tier antics with my roommates and make the best out of the Babyraper Biden and Mystery Meat Kamala dictatorship to come. Y'all niggers need a good laugh anyway.


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1. say/do some notably retarded shit so the thread REALLY blows up
2. register an account and get verified
3. limit it
4. go to my thread
5. "guys, I'll answer all of your questions"
6. leave and never log in again