You ever stop and wonder what you would do if you found your name on the farms? -


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Fly to the Ukraine and join one of those anti-Russia neo-Nazi militias

Or one of those pro-Russia neo-Nazi militias

And no not so I could get skills and money to go after Null. It wouldn't be his fault I was a cow. But if I'm huddling in a trench for weeks on end hoping the next mortar round doesnt come down on my head I'm not going to have time to care about autists 6000 miles away talking shit on me. And when I'm not in the trench I'll be drinking (more) homemade vodka getting swastika tattoos and playing STD roulette with the east Euro hooker girls


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I’d be like “lol yeah you guys are right I am a faggot”
Then I’d start posting dick pics.

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I honestly don't care. I've already dropped hints in the past on who I am due to morbid curiosity on what people would do with that info. At one point I even had my pfp as my face.

Gaia Soraka
i would definitely read what people had to say. most, if not all threads i've encountered on here have been well-written and based on facts. you don't get a thread on here for no reason.

if i did get a thread made about me, i might respond if things they say aren't true. mostly would reflect on my actions that led me to this point. i hope i wouldn't get that sort of attention on the internet though :shit-eating:

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NOT DO ANYTHING. How many lolcow threads blew up because they didn't know what the Streisand effect was? The best thing you can do if you've been outed as a lolcow is stop being a cow, and IGNORE any and all threads about you. Nothing good will come of you engaging with them. The best damage control at that point is changed behavior and ignoring the attention.


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Dump my blackmail folder on here so anyone who has a problem with me can enjoy a bunch of dick pix while they're rageposting.