You ever stop and wonder what you would do if you found your name on the farms? -

Chef Hanlon

I Understand Your Frustration
Let's be real, when people look at this site and say our user base is made up of lolcows, are they really that far from the truth? Everyone is a little bit essentric or weird. We all do foolish things. The question, what is the difference between us and a cow is simple, we just don't publish it like the people who have threads here. I don't hate most of the people featured on this site. I just find them interesting and I want an environment where we can talk about people freely without the discussion only being limited to asspating them.

Out of principle my answer is: it would be hypocritical if I wasn't ok with finding myself here and continuing to use this site.
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It's not like I don't know I'm a tard. I would argue on the point of the posting, because it will not be insulting.

first i would annoy null to give me VERIFIED LOLCOW status on my forum account
then i would post sneed and bane memes in my lolcow thread until i get banned
finally i would go full DFE and kill my entire public internet presence forever and disappear from the web entirely, which would cause my lolcow thread to die due to lack of content

I don't think this will every happen to me (famous last words maybe?) but, if my account on here wouldn't be compromised, I would join in on roasting myself. This would also be a good opportunity to do some self-introspection and change my behavior.
I guess lot of people (if not all) who end up with thread on here lack this ability.


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Get a blue check Mark, introduce myself to the thread then ghost them all. Mostly just to give them the vain, short term hope that I’d provide content and start sperging out on a thread.

With any luck I can watch a logs pour out the woodworks, if not the thread would die anyways since I’m boring as shit.


I'd just loosely follow the thread and see what I could do in whatever format you found me on to subtly hint that I knew you guys were watching. Eat kiwi fruit on camera, purchase a plush of a kiwi bird or retarded-looking slobbering dog and put it in the background and never draw attention to it or acknowledge it, find ways to work people's usernames into conversation, etc.

And if you guys didn't make the connection that this was my account, I'd post in said thread and see how many "Winner" and "Agree" stickers I could rack up.