"You just want a mother you can fuck"


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Aug 8, 2021
Anyone hate this stupid cope? Bitch I don't need some woman babying me, but you sure as hell ain't having my babies if you ain't willing to put in the minimal amount of effort into raising them

Now stop making up retаrded incest cope fantasies in your head to explain away your aversion to mopping the floors once a month
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Jul 2, 2021
Below is a good example of who you want as a wife.



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Sep 28, 2021
These women claim that men only want them for sex, but can't cook, aren't tender and caring, don't want kids, don't want household responsibilities, and in general lack any feminine traits that might make anyone view them as anything other than a quick bang. Then when all the sweet and motherly women get married and have families, they all say "where have all the good men gone?" They're with good women.

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Jan 27, 2021
Men and Women are sexually attracted to good parental figures because of course nature would select for those things, just as when our faces flattened we became enamored of bigger boobs because our kids didn't suffocate as much as those who didn't care. Same thing with our heads and her hips.

Its the ABDL, furfags, and queers who lack evolutionary reasons for their existence. They're the oddites, not the girls who want a daddy too much or the men who want a mother they can fuck. Those are people who might be going way too far doing something which we all should do a little.

I like my wife's greenhousing and her late interest in midwifing. A nurturing woman is a boon to a family, although they still always have to be romanced into being a loving wife. Romance is just emotionally provoking a woman into feeling grateful and womenly about her relationship with you. Rub a shoulder and go for a walk holding hands. Cook something she likes and pray at the table holding her hand. Let her fall asleep on you at the couch after a meal of finger-food on a shared plate and a movie. If you accidentally hit a boob and cop a feel, claim that it was of course a mistake unconvincingly while smiling and making eye-contact especially because it was one. The little things of which she will only like a subset, and when you learn which of them she likes and she notices she then relaxes into the relationship because you know her and yet aren't judging her. Stoke her face with the back of your fingers and put a hair behind her ear, look her in the eye and say "Perfect". Kiss the knuckle closest to the thumb and tell her she would give you what you want because she loves you. Hold the moment if she falters and thinks about it, and she'll smile if she loves you and is committed to the relationship.

Then hit her with the "Mom would have" complaints, right as she foolishly began to trust you and fall for you. She wanted a marriage and you like boobies.