'You should be able to buy games where you want to buy them' says Microsoft exec

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Is Microsoft getting better?

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Dec 28, 2014
PC and Nintendo have existed in this weird bubble where they don't actually seem affected by whatever the other two spastics (PS and Xbox) are doing, and I think Microsoft finally realized that and decided to further cement themselves in with the two iron pillars unlike Sony, and DEFINITELY smell blood in the water regarding the recent move of Playstation having it's own censorship on top of any ESRB rating alienating Japanese devs who've Sony managed to monopolized for more than 2 decades. Imagine being the only console to NOT get Persona 5 and now having the freshest, most delectable bait.

Nintentards are absurdly loyal and if you're PC master race why would you care about console peasants?

I dont trust Microsquish. They have their merits, but the windows 10 debacle was top tier faggotry.

I trust them to be what they are, i.e. moderately villainous and evil but basically rational.


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Dec 26, 2014
One of the things that people actually forget is that the recent moves to be cozy with Sony and Nintendo is that Microsoft has failed for years to get into the Asian market, i know people believe that China and Korea are like other universes in terms of video games but they move a LOT of money and only Sony (barely, they have to pass for a inquisition to get games approved) and Nintendo ( i mean what game can be considered Halal on China that comes from Nintendo?) have a foot there, i remember watching some streamer in NicoDouga that said that the Xbox is considered a "foreigner" console that doesnt have any appeal in part for the abysmal lack of exclusive anime games

Take for example Dragon Quest XI, a franchise with a long history in Japan that moves shitload of units, is not on xbox (but on Steam) people still wonder why for example PSO2 is going to come to Xbox and window? because the most close competition that is Final Fantasy 14 doesn't have a Xbox version, they are trying to make that market buy the console even when they should just make the xbox a complete window 10 machine, i mean xbox one has the specs for it, and Scarlet also has it even when is just a architecture update (they only upgrade to Ryzen and Navi to tap into raytracing and added a pseudo Intel optane for fast loading) they sell the Xbox in asia as a affordable PC and they will sell it like hotcakes, a mid range rig for what? 500 bucks? more affordable that actually buying a high end GPU

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By this point in time, anyone who trusts Microsoft deserves to have sand and chilli flakes in the Vaseline when they inevitably get the big green dick up their ass.
Especially if this galaxybrained pigshit

“We’re nothing like Sony, we actually like our consumers”

proceeds to engage in the same kind of scumfuckery Sony’s recently gained infamy for