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These fucking bitches "we can't sleep waaah" it's not like either of you have a fucking job to get to in the morning.
Both of them having real jobs would probably help them sleep better. Not to mention the possibility of losing weight because there would be less time to stuff their faces. Who am I kidding though? If they are going to live by the fork, they’ll die by the fork as well.


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this video is so old news... Eric posted almost a month ago about the falling tree and all about it.... (exactly was on the 19th of June) -.- this bitch has to stop to put one-month-old videos...
Here I was thinking she made a video to reassure the people worrieen about her---"hey, sorry about the backlog, but here's a current update to let you know I'm fine"---but no. The audacity of this bitch.

At least we're in June, I guess.
I’m so in awe at AL’s complete lack of concern over that text. If the landlord thought that they backed into the tree, couldn’t that count as property damage and they could be fined?
I was just sitting here wondering why she laughed in response to his text, and then I remembered. It’s Amber. She doesn’t give a shit if it’s property damage; she didn’t know the tree even existed two months ago.

Still, I wonder what her LL thought of her response.


10 to 14 days is a normal course of antibiotics. Some are only 7 days and some as short as 3, but it's not weird to take em for 10 days. The fact that it's six a day is kind of weird, but idk
I can say that the opposite is true, if you're under 100lbs. they give you liquid antibiotic, so it's absolutely reasonable that for the hambeast they had to adjust the dose and one dose is six fucking pills. For reference, a man who is 200lbs needs only one, maybe two.

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Just so we're clear, is this the same tree Amberlynn walked to in the infamous vid (ZM reacted then AL chimped and reacted to ZM, and so on).

Is this that exact tree? My autism demands satisfaction
I don't think it is.
gif from YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT OUR LANDLORD SAID, from around the 10 min mark

tree that fell, behind Becky, from same vid:

tree that Amber walked to, from same vid:
Screenshot_20190719-191049_Gallery (2).jpg

screenshots from LET'S GO OUTSIDE!!! video:

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