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And this is what the landlord said! What a troll AL is 😏
I mean it's just to me, the fact that they immediately go "Which one of you backed into the tree? Clean it up, okay?" Tells me a lot about what the landlord thinks of them.
The thing that's not really making sense to me is that that is a big fucking tree---in order to knock it over, you'd have to full-on careen into it with your car. & even with the added momentum of Hamber's weight behind it, I don't think the Lezmobile is big enough to topple a tree like that. & there was obviously a big enough storm going on to knock out the power for a good couple of hours, so wouldn't the most logical conclusion be that it was downed by the storm & not by a drunken Becky going full speed astern?

But I guess as @DuckSucker said, the Fagtastic Four must be really shit tenants if that's the conclusion they came to despite living in tornado country.
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Got to agree, and quite honestly (especially here) she's starting to resemble a biffy-eyed, overgrown toddler! View attachment 849107
Jesus christ. the last time I saw something that looked like that, 4 dudes were shooting proton beams at it in a movie.

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