Young people don't eat fish. - Why?


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Not who you were replying to, but that’s never stopped me before...

I agree with him, based on common knowledge and personal experience. There are tons of foods, mostly vegetables like beets and cabbage, I used to only tolerate but now like.
How do we know it isn't the reverse? Say, losing tastebud sensitivity and thus being less picky, or enjoying the flavours for a bitter twang instead of overpowering bitterness?


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I think I'm picky about fish- I prefer to get it from specific places locally and don't like certain fish certain ways. Like salmon, I like it smoked and as sashimi, but when baked it's way too fatty. Or at least the way my mom cooks it, it ends up so fatty I'm queasy after eating. Though I can't remember ever eating fish at home growing up, I think it's one of those things that my parents don't actually know how to cook.
White fish like cod is always good, you can sear it up for tacos or batter and deep fry that shit, I love it.
And raw tuna is lovely.
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I think it is a cultural issue. The "fish" most people are exposed to:
- Breaded fish sticks/patties that are oven-baked
- Canned tuna fish which tastes almost like anything else canned

Neither of those are particularly good, and most fish are priced out of range compared to beef, chicken, and pork. Add to the intimidating cooking of fish (which can easily turn dry if you don't know what you're doing) leads a lot of people to not want to buy or eat it.

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Fish in addition to all the other shit people have said also has lots of methylmercury in it. Not good. I actually have a strong repulsion to fish now because of it which is a shame because I LOVE seafood. Also there's lots of fraud in fish where most "Salmon" sold in American supermarkets aren't even actually salmon, just some substitute look-alike.

Fish is not as easy to prepare as other foods. It's pretty much that simple. The "easy fish", Tuna and Salmon are expensive as all fuck. Give a child a half pound rasher of smoked wild salmon and they will eat that shit fast. But it will also cost you nearly 9 bucks at 17.99 a pound. Much better to just give them a burger at 3.99 a pound.

And that burger is better for them then some deep fried fish. So kids don't get the exposure....

Aww fuck it. Here is how you get your kids to eat fish. Actual fish.

Step 1. Dont do tilapia. Its vile, it tastes vile, you know it tastes vile and your kids know it does too.

Step 2. Do you see those whole fish sitting on the ice at the supermarket? Have you ever asked yourself "who buys that?" The answer is people who actually want to eat decent fish for dinner. Buy it. You can probably get 3 pounds for about 15 bucks depending on species. Be a basic bitch and buy whatever version of Trout they have or farm raised red fish.

Step 3. You are not a chef. Ask them to clean it and filet it at the counter. They actually do this you know. If you are a boss well, read up on how to clean and prepare a fish yourself.

Step 4. Bake the sucker at 350 degrees for 20 minutes in butter and lemon juice, or pan fry in your favored seasonings. Carefully remove any extraneous bones. Its done when it's done. Use your eyes. You know what cooked fish looks like. Serve with a side of rice or mashed potatoes. Your kids will love it. Especially if you give them a "fun" sauce to dip it in.
Tilapia is peasant food. I would only eat it during famine.


Slight powerlevel, but I come from a family of Caribbean immigrants so eating fish has never been a problem. Where I live, seafood tends to be on the pricier side so I generally don't purchase it.


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I try to avoid eating fish due to a bad experience involving some tuna and WICKEDLY bad food poisoning I suffered during my middle/high school days, although I've been open about eating shellfish (usually lobster or crayfish).
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lol fish and seafood (crabs/kani and shrimp) tastes great.

If all fish/seafood tastes the same to you then you just don't know how to cook it tbh

The good thing is that cooking fish shouldn't be particularly difficult as long as you buy prepackaged fillets

Some suggestions:

Buy species with less bones or that have already been prepared (unless you're buying salmon or shrimp, the fish shouldn't be very expensive) or just buy prepackaged fillets
Breaded fish fillets or shrimp (always choose a “white fish”) —depending of your seasoning and bread crumbs (I personally use corn flour) it can genuinely taste like chicken
Baked fish (salmon or some sort of white fish fillet)
Always marinate your fish (lots of spices and pepper)
Try it with curry or coconut melk (as a soup like dish)
Bacalhau (and bacalhau bites)
Octopus salad
Fish or seafood casserole
Any fried Asian dish tbh
Ramen or fried rice with kani or shrimp
Just shrimp with some olive oil and garlic sauce as an entrée

McDonald's Fillet'O'Fish is a sadburger tho
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Ramen and mixed with store bought Sunkist tuna is pretty kino tbqh (although if you want to save money, Great Value brand tuna with olive oil will suffice). I only really enjoy boneless seafood, like squid/octopi and certain verieties of fish. I hate having to pick out bones whenever I eat bony fish.
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As a kid, fish sticks were what I toed with until I was able to eat fish more. I preferred the cod fish, but then we had salmon one day and I hated it, almost couldn't eat fish for a while afterwards for years, even burying it in rice didn't help.

I eat swordfish fine, though. Something about it just works for me, and recently had one topped with melted cheese and I think rice was included on it (I dunno, didn't get the recipe but it might've just been cheese only and we didn't have rice on the side like usual, so...), and it was juicy.


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I don't eat a lot of fish due to living in an inland state but I like fried catfish every now and then.

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Fish pie. Fresh and smoked white fish, poached in milk, then baked in a bechemel type sauce topped with mashed potato. God tier comfort food. Also mussels, steamed in muscadet with shallots, garlic and parsley, served French (or is it Belgian?) fried, moules et frites. Also fucking clams. Seafood is fucking amazing people. Also calamari!


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I love fish, I love grilling it, I love ceviche, I even like it fried occasionally. I can stomach tilapia, but I can’t blame anyone for not liking it since it’s a trash fish. I feel the same way about catfish as well, I might like it if it’s fried with a decent breading.

I see chilean sea bass at a grocery store that I can imagine tastes great, but it’s like $35 for a filet. I also like to get tuna from behind the counter, dice it up and eat it raw with soy sauce.
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