Young people don't eat fish. - Why?

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It's a regional thing here. I'm not near an ocean, so frozen fish is expensive and fresh fish is non-existent. I even like the bad stuff but I've never really had the chance to try FRESH fish.

I've also noticed for a long time that I'm the only one under the age of 60 at my local Captain D's. Never understood why that was. I mean, yeah, it's chain fast food, it's not AMAZING quality. Still though.

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Fish seems to be something people don't really go out of their way to eat, from what I've observed. I wonder if it has to do with fish being seen as "lower tier" compared to chicken, beef, and pork, to the point that fish isn't even seen as meat. Most of the time unless it's sushi, or someone is trying to have a healthy dish, people would rather go for a meat dish instead.


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I can understand why people who don't have access to fresh fish wouldn't like it.
After moving from somewhere near the ocean, some of the fish I've had is still good, but very underwhelming in comparison.
Being in a big city means there are sushi places that import their fish from japan so it's still decent quality, but nothing compares to preparing and eating sashimi you caught only a few hours prior.

The best cooked fish I've had has all been cleaned and cooked whole and grilled or panfried, but some pussies can't deal with bones.
How do we know it isn't the reverse? Say, losing tastebud sensitivity and thus being less picky, or enjoying the flavours for a bitter twang instead of overpowering bitterness?

Well, entirely possible. Maybe you're right. I just feel like it wasn't a change of strong flavors becoming weak, but of me liking new flavors I didn't used to like. Some flavors I didn't really notice much before.

Thread title is completely untrue. I'm from Louisiana originally- almost every little kid down south is practically weaned on fried catfish and shrimp.

Okay, to clarify, I'm talking Appalachian people, not Deep South subhumans (no offense).

What's with the people in this thread, who say they mostly eat fastfood?
Have fun not living past 50 and dying as virgins, you fat lardasses.

I feel indignant and yet you are completely right.

I am too lazy to cook more than once in a while.


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The best place to find decent seafood that is frozen is Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. When it comes to fish the yuppies are 100% correct. US law also requires that the seafood have its nation of origin be displayed. DO NOT buy any fish originating from anywhere is Asia. North America and Europe ONLY.

Frozen fish can be good too btw. Go for Cod and Halibut if you want seafood on a budget. Trader Joe's even helpfully explains how to cook the things on the package.

Also, deep lore of seafood. Imitation Crab Meat. Its white fish flavored with the brine used in the canning of actual crab meat. It tastes great and you can use it to spice up soups or as is. It gets a bad rap for "not being crab". Completely missing the point though of being an affordable seafood ingredient. Saying its not "real crab" is is like saying a hot dog is not a pork chop.
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Here at least fish is 2 or 3 more times more expensive then other meats, just for crap cuts. I love fish but not at $12 for tiny piece of salmon that looks like it's been meat glued together from scraps. Frozen shrimp also tastes weird to me.

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Always try to have fish/seafood at least once a week. If I had to guess why young people don't eat it, it would be availability, cost and comparative difficulty of cooking it. I personally don't mind canned tuna, but steamed/grilled fish or fish with pasta is nice. Quality of fish is very important. Where I am the fresh fish quality is very good, but where I was before made cooked fish something I would avoid (barring some exceptions).

Swordfish, fresh tuna steak, skate (fish that is kinda like a stingray, haven't had it in years) and anything you can steam are the best.


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I just don't care for cooked fish that much compared to raw/sushi-based fish. I'm ok with canned stuff sometimes if I want to make something quick and with protein, but yeah I'd prefer just eating any other meat
Almost every other meat has more flavorful , harder to fuck up when you cook with it , and imo is more versatile.
Like scallops and shrimp, if you even slightly overcook it, it becomes fucking rubber- its just not very forgiving. At least all the other meats get a bit dry at WORST and there are many ways to prevent that.

Most of the fish we get here, as far as I know, is frozen and I don't fish. I know there's some places that specialize in seafood but i almost never frequent those places because, again, I just don't care for cooked fish really as a person who makes food at home and enjoys eating out.

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I got some fresh cod, smoked haddoxk and langoustine meat delivered from a fishermens' collective recently, it was super fresh tasting and cheap (no middleman). Living on an island has certain advantages.

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If I'm going out what I get depends on what kind of place I happen to go to, and that's pretty much randomly based on mood. If it's some Asian place I might get something like shrimp in chili sauce or some kind of eel dish or maybe sashimi if it's a sushi place but if I'm going to a more Yuropoor or Burgerstani type establishment I'd rather have a steak or something. I guess Italian places can have decent seafood-based stuff sometimes too but I don't go to them that often comparatively.


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Top 5 ways to eat fish:

1. Barbequed tuna steaks
2. Teryaki marinaded salmon.
3. Sweetcured smoked mackrel eaten cold.
4. Tuna-mayo and sweetcorn stuffed potato skins.
5. Battered cod with tomato ketchup, garden peas and thick-cut chips covered in salt and vinegar.


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