YouNow 1/22/18 - Recording

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+Aunt Tammie shows up in the chat (0:43).
+Amber is sick again (2:30).
+Amber addresses her not wearing the FitBit, it says RIGHT ON THE BOX it'll give you rashes if you wear it everyday y'all (4:20).
+Amber is going to join a gym, she doesn't like staying inside all day and since she is paying for a membership she will totes go (5:10).
+Amber doesn't want to take classes at the gym, just wants to go "treadmilling" (7:30).
+Walking is hard (10:02).
[+Don't mind my cat pls (12:00).]
+Someone called Becky's job (12:37).
+Exercising sucks, but Amber is proud of herself for exercising every single day (13:05).
+NOT KETO, keto is too restrictive. Our gorl gets visibly distressed when talking about cutting out carbs (13:47).
+Amber isn't scared of extra skin anymore (19:05).
+No more mookbongs for this gorl (22:00).
+NO THERAPISTS!!!!!!!!!! (24:35).
+There is one thing Amber will never quit--YouTube (27:00).
+Destiny took AL's baby Jax (27:20).
+Amber is "hopefully" buying a gym membership, it will give her a reason to leave the house (27:50).
+Exercise everyday y'all (34:59)!
+Staying up late doesn't make it harder to be healthy, says the gorl who is always complaining about her sleeping schedule (35:50).
+Amber leaves stating anxiety (36:20).

So Becky doesn't want to go to the gym, but Amber is certain that paying for a gym membership will encourage her to want to go. But... she doesn't drive, so Becky is on the hook for taking Amber to the gym, even though Becky has no desire to work out there. Look, I don't think Amber would consistently use a gym if there was one across the street from her house, but that's just too many hurdles to get over to even GET to the gym, let alone work out. She may as well burn the money she'd use for a membership.

At her size she doesn't need a damn gym. She could literally wander around her house until she hits a good step count each day and that's all she needs for now until she loses a significant amount of weight to be able to do more. It's very telling of how sedentary her life is when she was "super proud" of getting 4,000 or so steps in a day, on a day that was extra active for her with actual exercise. Most humans get around 6-8k steps a day without even trying, just from being a person who gets things done during the day. Add in even a single session of light exercise and you're over the 10k recommendation, easily. In short, she literally never moves.

Lmao at her thought that if she pays for it she’ll do it.... she couldn’t even keep up with weight watchers
Exactly. I don't know why this waste of money would be any different. After the first week it would be "It's too cold out" "It's too hot out" " We're TOO busy".
And I wouldn't blame Becky for not wanting to drive 45 min away for the gym. Just go walk outside!!!

Walking at home on the floor is hard, but walking on a treadmill in front of people at the gym won't be? :lol: Amber wants a reason to get out of the house each day so she can make Becky drive her to Walmart afterward.
Wonder if they can find a place with a treadmill that can support her weight. In any case she will place a strain on any treadmill,possibly enough to burn out a motor.

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Becky comes across as a frugal person. I don't think she doesn't want to go to a gym, I think she doesn't want to waste money on a membership that won't be used.

Edit: I decided to check the video (thanks for the timestamps @666EVE666!) and one of the excuses for not walking when she did her last (I think) video was because she was depressed. I thought exercise was recommended as a means to help release endorphins?
I must be wrong, after all Amber is an expert on everything.
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So is YouNow a thing? This isn't the first time I've seen someone on Youtube stream from YouNow. What's the point? Why not just stream on Youtube?

Her YouNow account is linked to her YouTube account, so the stream plays on both platforms while she is live. Not sure why she doesn't live stream from YT because I think they take less of donated money, but the lucrative aspect of YouNow is that it is supposed to be more interactive with the audience. I've noticed more and more YTers moving to YouNow.

Amber could make a good chunk of money if she uploaded her streams to YT.


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Besides being out of Amber's life, it seems like just good things really (at least on the surface). Met her biological mom, has 2 jobs, regularly takes her pets to the vet. Posts happy snapchats. And totally out of Becky's life after being friends for 10 years.

Wow, good for her. I enjoyed the Rafe and AL younows because you could tell even though she's very eccentric (not to mention FAT) herself, Rafe is an another plane of IQ from AL and would throw her subtle shade that AL wouldn't understand.

Why doesn’t she just wear her fitbit every other day then? Come to think of it... why did she buy a fitbit at all? Doesn’t she have an iphone ? iphones track how many steps you take and how many miles you walked for that day... it even tracks your sleep... i think the only thing it doesn’t do is track your heartbeat, but i don’t necessarily think that feature is important