YouNow 12/11/2017 - Recordings


Just a normal gorl
I apologize again for the multiple parts and weird formatting, I have a hard time saving these recordings sometimes.

Part 1:
-Start the day with some sodium soup (0:29).
-Amber and Becky have 1 cabinet in the kitchen (2:50).
-Her new scale isn't rigged (8:00), even if it does have the tare option.
-Amber and Becky will begin working out at home, not the gym (16:05). Amber has a plan.
-Amber explains the winnings for the weight loss competition (17:13).
-A gorl and her boyfriend fell in love bonding over Amber (18:48).
-Amber felt great as a vegan (26:05).
-Amber never bothered to see if there was a vet in her town to take Rarity to (26:36).

Part 2:
-Bad wi-fi is a Kentucky thing (2:00), if she got a camera we wouldn't never see her videos again.
-Becky isn't at work (3:55).
-The prestigious and best vet in the area Amber is taking Rarity to is called the Kentucky Humane Society (6:40), and the ball is in their court now, NOT Amber's.
-Amber calls the "vet" (11:00), but the recording says she called an animal shelter.
-My cat meows in the background a few times, sorry lol (14:58).
-Becky, Eric, and Amber rant about their privacy (15:50).
-Just fyi Amber suffers from anxiety and depression (23:20).
-Amber wants and needs Rarity to get fixed (24:10).
-Amber gets jealous because Becky used to have a thing for her (Becky's) ex-girlfriend lol (30:40). I mean duh, they were dating.
-Eric kindly points out Amber's bald spots for us, much to her dismay (39:50).
-Amber gets triggered over people saying Twinkie is Destiny's dog because she was given to Destiny (40:30). Amber says Twinkie would DIE without her.
-Amber addresses animal abuse claims (42:39), demonizing pit bulls like usual.
-The soup is similar to Amber's vagina (45:55).
-Amber tells us she sucks Becky's nipples (47:36).
-Becky wants to go to the doctor if her health doesn't improve (53:15), Amber is shocked she would even consider such a thing.
-Someone wants to send Becky stuff in the mail and she politely declines (55:06) only for Amber to interject that she intends to get a PO box.
-Amber is too sick to go grocery shopping but Bath and Body Works is a must (57:40).
-Amber asks Becky if she will ever be single again (58:32).
-Amber and Becky talk marriage (1:01:50).
-Becky makes a sad comment about her own weight and Amber laughs (1:03:10).

Part 3:
Naturally my phone started acting up and I didn't get the first time Becky says Amber believes the Earth is flat, but looking at the chat will let you know she did and it is mentioned a few more times throughout the video.

Cereal Killer

the ungodly season has officially started
Holy shit, she's taking Rarity to the Humane Society for her spay? I'm not bashing them or any low cost spay/neuter clinic AT ALL but since she went on so much about "being there" I figured she would at least spring for a visit to her actual vet. Or pretend she was planning on it.