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Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by 666EVE666, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. Part 1, I'll have part 2 up later:

    -Amber doesn't care about what anyone thinks of her (3:40).
    -Amber gives us relationship advice (4:00).
    -Wellbutrin isn't a magic happy pill (8:37)? ! ? !
    -The doctor didn't say a single word about Amber's weight, but she wished the doctor would have (9:55).
    -She doesn't want her pets to get fat so they can have long lives....oh, the irony (10:55).
    -How could Amber speak to her mother after ALL she has done? Easy--Amber is a very unconditional person (11:30).
    -That's not a wart on Amber's nose, it's a cute freckle you fucking shitlords (13:40).
    -Justifying lack of gym attendance while downplaying Eric & Rickie's efforts (15:47).
    -Amber is so desired by men, she gets SO many dick pics on SnapChat y'all (17:10).
    -Amber breathes heavy because she has asthma, y'all know nothing (20:00). She KNOWS what to do and how to do it.
    -Amber is so healthy after 1 doctor visit (23:40).
    -Mean comments really affect Amber's depression, but she doesn't care what ANY of you think (26:00).
    -Haters have made Amber tougher and like, thicker (28:30).
    -Amber's never going to get bed-ridden, she will NEVER let that happen just like how she will NEVER grow to 500 lbs (30:45).
    -I wish I was a big, strong bulldog like Amber instead of a scared little puppy (31:00).
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    666EVE666 Just a normal gorl

  2. "I don't care about the haters, even though they made me sad."
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    Sexy Times Hitler

    Sexy Times Hitler Loves Cheez-Its and America too
    True & Honest Fan

  3. I think it's the pizza that made you thicker, Amber, not the haters. :lol:
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    Toxoplasmosis I have scare in my eyes

  4. already way too late for Twinkie (:_(
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    also autistic

    also autistic Autistic

  5. She's never been anywhere near 500 pounds and she never will be. Cos that three pound buffer between 497 and 500 is so substantial.

    Amber thinks she's YouTube famous? Really? Okay gorl.
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  6. ''i dont care what haters think''

    *doesn't reveal what she ate for dinner*
    *lies about her weight*
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  7. Well that's the biggest fucking freckle I've ever seen. Then again she is the biggest fucking person I've ever seen so I guess this is Amber: 1, Haydurs: 0.
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  8. Doesn’t care what other people think.

    Won’t go to the gym because she’s self-conscious.

    Big AL logic at its finest!
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    potatoe Meets expectations

  9. I'm starting to think this is the Dr. our gorl saw.
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    PiggyPie I only know good.. and ball.. and rape

  10. “How’s the Wellbutrin going?”

    Did anyone else notice her clicking her tongue, sucking/chewing on her lips & just a bunch of weird shit with her mouth the entire video? :heart-empty:

    Younow is a place for her to watch herself, not entertain people! Geezusss
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    Alpo_Farts36 I can see Russia from my backyard

  11. YouNow was a mistake. Society needs to draw the line on what kind of bullshit people can get money for. :alog:

    Also, the tongue-clicking is like nails on a chalkboard.
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    Papaya23 #1 victim of GamerGate

  12. 8:50 she seems upset about Destiny moving. She tries to hide it and says it's whatever makes Destiny happy but you can tell deep down she's holding back saying how much she misses her.
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  13. It's funny because Destiny very obviously doesn't give a single fuck about her
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  14. Part 2:

    +AL and becky are NOT always together, GOSH (6:47)!!!!!!!!!!
    +Amber explains her busy upload schedule (7:50).
    +Twinkie lookin' traumatized by Amber's clapping (8:20).
    +Tax chunks y’all (8:37).
    +Weigh ins go up on the 15th, 16th, or the 17th. Or maybe the 18th
    +Amber is a successful gorl, she wants to make a video showing how much she gets paid bc y’all are ignorant (10:40).
    +It's not me, it's you (12:57).
    +Becky doesnt want amber to share how much she makes so she won’t (13:30).
    +More people would watch amber is she was skinny because she would be more likable (14:17).
    +Becky's face looks the way it does because she was in a bike accident (15:27).
    +Amber would LOVE to volunteer at a retirement home (15:50)!
    +They still go to the gym (17:10).
    +Amber schools all you fuckers on what a REAL JOB is and HOW HARD she works (17:20).
    +I guess Amber doesnt remember shitting on rafe for having 2 jobs (20:59). All Jobs Matter!
    +They are INSALTED (22:19).
    +It's hard being famous and not having friends (27:30).
    +Amber would totally go out and do something new for vlogs (29:50)....but she can't, it's cold out.
    +Amber blocks Zach Sanderson and I because BAH (31:40).
    +Amber knows for a fact those are NAWT my lips and she has my dox (32:17).
    +AMBER IS AN ENTERTAINER GUISE. Even if she can't keep the stream going without the chat (33:37).
    +RAW and REAL depreshun (35:1).
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    666EVE666 Just a normal gorl

  15. What ever would we do without you. ❤️❤️❤️
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  16. You belong in the KF hall of fame next to @Jaimas and @Hellfire
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    Verified True & Honest Fan

  17. She sure knows her taxes, that Amber does.

    "us youtubers have to pay that money back". Someone needs to hook her up with DSP's tax attorney/accountant. I heard he lost a client.
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  18. Thanks for the time stamps. I tried to watch Part 1 & part 2 and fell asleep during both. My body is rejecting AL and shutting down.

    I liken it to a new allergy. The more that you are exposed to the allergen the worse the reaction. If you don’t hear anymore more from me, I am probably in an AL induced coma. If god would be so kind.
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