Your 2020 predictions

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Jan 22, 2018
So a comment that I've read (and saved) some time ago kinda got me thinking for a bit. I'd like to share it with you guys, check it out.
I've said repeatedly what we can expect, but I hope I'm wrong.

I expect the Democrats to lean into Progressivism and leftism in the 2020 election, and lose. The leftists will respond worse than they did in 2016. The old declaration that "45 million Americans voted for a Nazi" will turn into something akin to: "50-60 million Americans voted in favor of Nazism and fascism. More than before. The American people have welcomed a Nazi regime and have killed us all. He puts Mexican children in concentration camps and gasses families. He's gassing immigrant families. He has ended democracy. There will never be another election. Freedom is dead, and this country deserves to die with all of the Nazi supporters inside of it."

The radical left will be well and truly out of control of the neo-liberal corporatists at that point, but the corporatists won't realize it. They won't understand that they've fully lost control and their institutions are filled to the brim with people who are going to be absolutely manic. Some of the fringe leftists will restart a new "Days of Rage" in order to "Liberate the oppressed people's of America from Neo-Fascism". That's when they will start having full scale street violence and detonating bombs in places that are considered in alliance with "American Neo-Fascism".

Because I've elaborated on this a few times, here's my own copypasta:

There won't be a civil war. Just a few hundred people killed from a leftist bomb attack on a government building (probably an ICE or BP target) and some street violence and rioting. The MSM will literally rationalize the bombing and someone like Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper or some other such talking head with significant normie credibility will announce on their broadcast; something along the lines of:
"The real victims of today's tragic events are [insert unrelated preferred minority identity of the month which suffered no casualties]. Today's attack was spawned from the irresponsible behavior of the Trump administration's [insert wildly exaggerated atrocity claim], and the voters who put him to office were given all the warnings in the world that this could start to happen when oppressed people speak out; yearning to be free. When Americans learn to reject [insert -ism], these attacks will stop. Until then, this is what you wanted, and these attacks will continue until you decide to do something about it."
So, the normies will decide to do something about it. They will riot. They will take this as the MSM explicitly endorsing terrorism against the United States and before the power establishment can react, they'll be throwing molotovs in New York City.

If all goes well, the corpratists will realize that the regressive rhetoric has backfired and they are about to get hit with blowback they won't survive. The corporatists will then publicly turn 180^^^o on every SJ issue, and the political left will be thrown into short term chaos as the regressives are forced out from the establishment.

If all goes poorly, the MSM and ctrl-left corpratists will overreact badly to this. Meaning, our technocratic tech-giant masters will basically try to silence or bias reporting on the events, the MSM will claim that alt-right nazi terrorists are everywhere, and the American Crystal Nacht is taking place. Because of the aggressive doubling down, you will get street violence between protesters and counter protesters (likely some black bloc people), and we will see things get very hairy. Maybe bombs get thrown at crowds, maybe shootings occur, but for the most part you can expect violent leftist counter-protesters to move to irregular warfare tactics, rather than trying to have pitched battles in the street. The left's new "days of rage" will continue to generate popular blowback against them as the situation gets stupider by the day, until they lose all support and credibility. After that is what I described int he "all goes well" part.

On the home front, this sub and all your favorite political commentators will be banned and purged from the internet. There will be nothing but lies from the media, and Antifa will show up to street protests where they will be met by very angry normies who are absolutely done with their shit. The best thing that any of us can do is stay the fuck down, appeal for a bit of calm, and try and explain to the normies what's been happening for the past 3 decades that they didn't notice.

Either way, a few weeks after the bombing and MSM reaction, the political will of the country will swing right, and you will see actual conservative protests numbering in the many tens of thousands. They'll be a ton of establishment chaos, but you will see a huge right wing crackdown on leftist infected corporations, NGOs, and other such groups because there will be massive normie political will do do that. All the institutional leftists in academia and gov't agencies will go quiet. The regressives will end up being purged and the genuine liberals will have to try and completely re-orient themselves and what is left of the Democratic party as there will be significant disruptions in academia, telecom, the financial industry, and politics.

The next battle of the culture war will be against the right-wing authoritarians who will use this chaos to seize power. With a crippled left-wing and all the normie political capital they can wish for, they might have an easy time with it. Again, there won't be many dead if we are talking about direct terrorist attacks and street violence. Probably under a thousand over the course of a couple years TBH. And that's the bad case.

Now, how likely is it that we have a true civil war in the US where, like our last one, we lose 2% of the population (or 6.5 million people given the current population)? That's actually unlikely because foreign nations would actually try to intervene long before we get to that point. A full scale American Civil War would throw the entire planet into chaos. None of the differing ideological factions across the planet would be okay with it. Literally no one is prepared to allow it, let alone risk it. You can assume that, at a minimum, there would be aggressive political, financial, and economic pressure to prop the US government and economy up. It is more likely that international pressure would force corporatists and businesses on the right and left to pressure a compromise, no matter how distasteful.


Now, OP, you were specifically asking about SJW influence in games and shit. Yes, that will die down *after* all of this takes place. Progressivism and the radical left won't completely end, but they'll have to reform by 2024, and they'll be less aggressive and popular. Corporations won't be so enthralled with them. Just don't expect any progressive leaning institution to go quietly. The only defensive measure an SJW knows is a "scorched earth". They'll burn everything down with them if they can't keep it, so expect to lose some of your dearly beloved franchises, businesses, schools, corporations, employers, ect.
Think about it logically. Considering what we've seen over the last couple years, this prediction might not be too far off. If Drumpf gets reelected, I think that there's a very high chance that shit will escalate a lot more, and things will snowball from there.


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Nov 15, 2018
I suspect trump will lose. Even though the dem field is a circus, there's still so much that's going to go wrong.

-google admitted that they needed to do more in some of the leaked videos during the damore era. obviously the rest of silicon valley is politically similar, so expect some incredibly shady shit
-far more censorship than 2015/2016. Many popular pro trump voices have been deplatformed entirely
-far more illegals in the country now. No doubt there will be an even stronger effort to get them voting compared to last time
-dems thought clinton was guaranteed last time, so some may not have not even voted because of that. They've been mentally abused by their handlers ever since, so their constant state of frenzy will undoubtedly make them vote this time
-if there actually is any legitimate dirt on trump, the optimal play would be to see it released right before the election
-economy has been great during his term, but it's currently in a gray area. If anything conveniently goes wrong in the next year(just like how there was a big stock dive pre midterms), it's not going to help his chances.
-there was a sense that trump might actually be able to get some shit done if he got in. The lack of any real big changes (especially with immigration) probably has demotivated some voters.

I hope I'm wrong. Trump winning again would make november 2016 look like a fucking joke.

I'll end on a positive though

Clinton was gone physically, but Biden is completely gone mentally. Trump probably has the best chance against him because the bitch can barely remember his own name. I'm certain they want Biden because they still know they can't completely ignore the white vote yet, but Biden truly is their worst bet. The debates would be gold.

Gordon Cole

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Jul 10, 2015
Considering that after two years of unfettered control of the government, the Republicans could only give us tax cuts, a health care bill, and fuck-all beyond that, I wouldn't be shocked it Trump lost based off of being unable to fulfill most of his promises, especially if the economy tanks between now and election day.

Then again, pretending it's anything more than a toss-up at the moment is pretty exceptional.

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Apr 13, 2018
Cubs find new life with new manager David Ross and win the world series.

The bears sign or draft a quality quarterback. :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:

The blackhawks and bulls continue their trend of irrelevancy.

Elder Scrolls 6 is finally announced I actually finally buy a console or PC and start gaming again.

I catch a state record smallmouth bass.

People are offended by various things and happenings.

More mass shootings.

The Vaquita is officially declared extinct.

Asian carp ruin everything everywhere (but not before I catch my state record small mouth bass).

Mike Iaconelli wins the Bassmaster Classic.

I end up quitting deer hunting after one too many CWD cases pop up in my county.

I remain single while banging 3-4 thots the entire year once again. #undercel

Movies get more woke.

Doggos remain good boys and girls.

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Mar 24, 2019
Ever since the 2008 Recession there's been bubbles growing in all assets, from stocks to real estate, corporate credit, and cryptocurrency. Combined they're greater in size than the housing bubble, and it stands to reason that vested interests would want to pop it in a time when populism's rising and pin the catastrophe on them, especially Trump and Brexit supporters. This will result in discrediting populists as a movement for "mismanaging the economy" and would get a sizable majority of people supporting movements and figures calling for even more political and economic centralization to prevent future economic crises, i.e socialism.

You may say socialism will never take hold in the US and that the Left is a joke, but all it takes to change the culture of a population is a well-placed crisis that hits very close to home, and suddenly, the guy offering free money every month becomes a far more attractive candidate than the guy who let the economy fall on his watch. How do you think FDR got elected four times until he died in office? I expect the 2020s to be far more tumultuous in the Western World while other parts prosper or remain unscathed. If the 2010s were a period of stagnation and decadence, the 2020s will be a period of collapse.
TL;DR: Expect the global economy to turn to shit, resulting in Trump and populists getting discredited and socialists gaining control.

Jan 16, 2018
they'll be throwing molotovs in New York City
Can't do that. The "Molotov cocktail" was invented by Finnish forces fighting against the Soviet Union, and it was named after Soviet politician Vyacheslav Molotov after he claimed that Soviet planes were dropping food parcels instead of bombs over Finland. Incidentally this also lead to Finns calling the cluster bombs dropped by Soviet planes as "Molotov's bread baskets." The Molotov cocktail was used mainly as an anti-tank weapon. The idea was to blind a tank's sights with the smoke from the fire, but it was soon noted that when the fires went into Soviet tanks' air vents, they caught the engine on fire. There are records of a flammable bottle being used as a weapon in Spain before this, but like a lot of inventions, it gained the most traction elsewhere and got its permanent name there, too.

In other words CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. Invent your own weapon, dangerhairs, reeee

Happy Fish

Happy Fish
Aug 14, 2019
Large tech companies will become increasingly insufferable as the 2020 election approaches with increasingly sophisticated ways of keeping their user bases from having fun and/or stating the obvious, and weebs will save the ratings of the 2020 Olympics from complete disaster.

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Apr 2, 2019
Trump is probably going to win. Whichever Democrat candidate that squeaks just ahead of the rest of their bloated pool is going to be someone that practically no voter is passionate about. So it'll be a repeat of 2016 where the Democrats are basically campaigning against Trump more than anything else. And Trump is always going to cut the better promo so that shit ain't gonna work, just like it didn't the first time.

However, I keep thinking lately that Trump might be assassinated. Or at least a serious attempt will be made. But Idk.


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Jun 19, 2018
I think it would be better for the Democrats for Trump to win a second time.
After two whole terms of Trump I think the political pendulum has a pretty high chance of going left pretty hard, assuming they don't get greedy and try to force elect such an unlikable candidate again.

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Jan 31, 2015
Barb croaks, 1 or 2 Berserk chapters get released :optimistic: , Jrr Martin croaks, Drachenlord goes to prison and his house gets burned down, more Yaniv lawsuits, more sjw sperging, more boring discoveries in space but no aliens, more bullshit, more I don't want to live on this planet anymore, more I wish 2020 was over, more omg 2021 will be so much worse

Isaac Cox

Sep 17, 2019
  • Drhumpph gets reelected so the clickbait industry persists another year.
  • The attention merchants will cry some more and add to the list of what's racist.
  • It will be discovered that russia also meddled in these elections so expect it on the msm loop for the next 4 years.
  • More 6-year old boys in drag getting fondled by 60 year old men [and that's a good thing -Vice].
  • 5 major shootings by tarrent wannabes. 3 of which are false flag attacks.
  • 7 european truck of peace events.
  • Barb croaks
  • Gaming is even worse than it is now. 80% of gameplay hidden behind is microtransactions. Tencent owns 90% of all western AAA gaming. Mentioning tianamen square in multiplayer gets your guns confiscated.