Your 2020 predictions

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Dwight Frye
Sep 27, 2019
  1. Trump gets re-elected
  2. Barb Chandler and RBG die
  3. Woke culture continues, but the pushback against it also continues to grow
  4. A major bombshell in the Epstein case is revealed
  5. A beloved celebrity dies or gets exposed as a sex pest
  6. LGBT community continues to destroy everything past generations have done to help by further enabling and excusing degeneracy
  7. More mass shootings. Some exceptional ANTIFAG ends up killing someone or trying to assassinate Trump if he wins.


You're a faggot Harry
Jun 17, 2018
More of the same
- game company fucks up and had micro transactions or has private info of users leaked and does very little to fix it
- politicians go apeshit over trump regardless of he wins or not screaming the racism, sexism, and transphobia chants like they do every second that goes by
- some fucking youtuber will fuck up by scamming or being a scumbag to other users or fans and end up being so dumb they have a forum in internet famous that lasts for like a couple of months and slows down and updates only occasionally
the list goes on

Syaoran Li

That 50's Show
True & Honest Fan
Feb 19, 2017
I think woke culture will continue in 2020 and will be as awful as ever, but will face more pushback than before and it will slowly fade out after 2020.

If Trump wins in 2020 and enough woke stuff fails financially, we'll definitely see it start dying out more quickly around 2021-2022 and it will probably be irrelevant by 2024-2025.


Z Boobs, V Beach Volleyball and O MAGA 2024
Nov 2, 2019
  1. Donald Trump wins the 2020 election.
  2. The State of Jefferson secedes from California when California tries to secede.
  3. California tries to oppress the hicks up in Jefferson.
  4. Trump intervenes.
  5. The Second Secret American Revolution Occurs
The odds of this happening is less than 1% but if it does, a golden age has begun.

Webby's Boyfriend

reality cartoonist
True & Honest Fan
Aug 18, 2018


Camp Sneedvaro
Jul 29, 2018
1. Anti-intellectualism becomes popular due to more conspiracy theories becoming more prevalent.
2. Drumpf gets elected again, but this time, he does something very retarded that makes everyone hate him and becomes Gen Z's George Dubya.
3. Video Games become more advanced, but expensive. Several genres begin to see a revival and there will be more of a push to demand for quality.
4. The Arab region destabilizes and Saudi Arabia sees more of a push for democracy.
5. Russia begins to crack.
6. China starts ramping up its draconian policies and several leaks show terrible actions being done there by the government.
7. More countries begin to leave the EU in Europe and start to split off.
8. I'd like to see more of a push for gun right's in the future.