Your Favorite Amber Moment / Event - Entire timeline, includes all orbiters, all platforms, etc.


Immunocompromised Cougar
Chiming in with another vote for her getting cheated on and dumped by her pet sped, seemingly out of the blue. That shit was hilarious.

The most disgusting moment was the whole "last Christmas with Destiny." The disgusting mountains of gifts she bought and then the utter lack of a shred of self-control between either of them to not rip open every last gift weeks before Christmas.

When that Kimberly chick on twitter poked the bear and got Amber to freak out on younow at 2 or 3 in the morning saying she had screenshots of Eric talking trash about Amber. The screenshot she sent her was as iconic as Amber's bows. Amber didn't understand what was going on at all. "That's not even your handwrittin'!" Oh lord.

It’s a tie between Cheesecske Factory/shopping at target via scooter date night with Dusty, or drunken family party with Krystle. But really all of the Dusty’s mom’s house era videos are solid gold hamber. The foot massage one is another particular highlight. I miss those days of somewhat interesting/super repulsive content.