Your Favorite Amber Moment / Event - Entire timeline, includes all orbiters, all platforms, etc.

Sextina Aquafina
Krystal era vlogs when they would go out and Amber would bring a plastic gallon sized bag of snacks for “them”

Specificallly the one where Amber was learning how to drive and they were literally just driving around a parking lot “all day” so Amber brought snacks for it.

Also the “grandma’s recipe” scrambled eggs with spaghetti and bacon meal always reminded me of redneck carbonara, which makes me laugh everytime I see it.


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1) Pizza Mukbang vid--- it spawned sooo many iconic moments

2) Big Girl Dancing to Applause by Lady Gaga vid-- this just sums up Big Al perfectly. For the girl who (lied) about being on competitive dance teams, and even choreographed winning routines (hahaha) this "dancing" is exceptional. Every movement is lazy and half-assed She has no feel for the music and all the rhythm of a rock. Epileptics during a grand mal keep better time.

If Big Al was on a winning dance team, the other members were 3 legged elephants and Amber was in charge of making sure the music played......
When could this cow ever have danced, let alone teach others. She has been 300 pounds since she was a child. I am pretty sure people would question what kind of dance skills a 300 pound elephant has.
Just sayin


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Obviously there's all the classics, like the break-up with Destiny and such, but I also enjoy:
  • Her poetry and writing. Not just 'monster truck in the nightlife,' but everything else, including her horrible stories like the one about the cruise ship full of lesbians.
  • Becky correcting her on how to pronounce 'buffet.'
  • Getting treated to the full scope of the journal pile, her earring collection, her wax melts... Basically anything relating to her hoarding.
  • Amber tries to cheer up Destiny, who is sulking about her missing cat, by talking about their nice new couch.

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I worked the camera while Kasey raped Amberlynn.
Man, those matte black square-cuts were... something. Her glitter and cat-eye makeup and sudden interest in acrylic nails after Dusty dumped her was hilarious.
In the context of lesbianism the long nails make sense. She and Dusty had sex, so Amber's nails needed to be short. Amber and Becky are roommates, hence the long nails.


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Was this recently where they claimed they had to take someone to the er early in the morning and how convenient it was near Cheesecake Factory, so they parked out at the lot until it opened at 10 am?
It was, but I think Al just used that as a cover for herself. If the ER wasn’t near the Cheesecake Factory, I don’t think Al would have gone with Becky, provided Al did actually go to the ER and she’s not lying.


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When she slept in Destiny's bed for weeks after the breakup, until she could find a new host organism.
"Short hair looks worse with rounder, fatter faces" as Becky has the ghost of a synapse and gives her side-eye
When she farted and talked for a week about how she didn't fart, after uploading video proof
When she revealed the 200+ unused journals in her wardrobe
When Twinkee Stoorrr attacked her
When Becky took more than the sanctioned amount of Tic-Tacs and Amber snarled at her like a dog
When the bug fell out of her unwashed hair, but then also when she tried to save face by claiming it wasn't a roach but was some other kind of filthy vermin
When she said she was going to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag (I found this way funnier than everybody else for some reason)
The unbridled lunacy that was the "Struggles of Beeein Me" series, where most of the "struggles" were about how she's too lazy to do things or about how men find her sexually irresistable
When Eric filmed himself eating at the dinner table while Mount Thrushmore stomped through the room looking like a mother grizzly on her period
"Mental things is scary"
When Rafe confirmed she reads Kiwi Farms. Hi gorl.

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  • The 2 minute "Walking Across the Living Room" workout that left her so winded, she appeared to need medical attention.
  • That last, dry disgusting swallow from her Burger King Mukbang. Thanks for the reminder, @chicken wings.
  • Running over Becky's foot with her Scootypuff.
  • The emergence of a stove chair.
  • Younow stream where she blocked all the bad comments and then feigned confusion about where all the Hadurs went. ?
  • When she went Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs
  • That time she farted and blamed her dog.
  • "" ?
  • 6 or 7 chews before swallowing a giant eggroll (ok, this one's kinda impressive...)
  • Becky to Amber: "You're gorgeous, stylish, perfect in every way. Sent from the heavens. Barely need a calculator to do maths..."
    Amber to Becky: "You're like...really nice."

Pog Mathoin
The AL + Becky Taco Bell mukbang is a stand-out for me because it just sums up their relationship so well. They literally have nothing to say to each other and the entire video is full of awkward silences punctuated by Becky trying to chew and choke her food down just to appease Amberlynn. At the same time, AL is in a food-aggressive binge trance yet is eating slower than she would normally because Becky is there, and you can sense how annoyed this is making her. At some points Becky sounds and looks like she wants to gag or vomit as she tries to wash the food down with giant gulps of her drink, while AL is completely and utterly focused on eating the food in front of her to the exclusion of everything else. The whole thing is just painful to watch.

When Kacey's Mother and him were doing a You Now session and Kacey and Mother confirmed that AL STUNK up the house, refused to clean herself, her clothing or her surroundings and was violent.
Kacey said she stunk so badly to the point they were all begging to get AL to shower and she just flat-out refused to. I swear this cunt will stink just to upset those around her. Oh and she flat out abused Kacey's dog because the dog dared want to cuddle with AL when AL was not in the mood to, so she slapped the shit out of the dog.. this is one of mine because it cements what an awful person she is and anyone who supports her is as psycho as she is.
Where can I find a video of this glorious event?