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IV 445

I ascended the 9001 steps to High Kiwifar

There I was greeted by Master @CatParty.

He taught me the three words of power:

“lol calm down”
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There was a time I was a fan of Kant's deontological ethics, but truth be told I can't remember too much of them anymore and the world has beaten me down enough that I'm not the idealistic and philosophically-minded young man I once was (I'm more utilitarian now than I used to be, although I wasn't that impressed with Mill back when I actually read him). On the metaphysical front I was partial to Locke's empiricism, and it still largely makes sense to me.

I always found Nietzsche's maxims specifically to be awesome, and still do, though.


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My nigger. un irocially I think he's by far one of the wisest people ever, the first ever long troll and used to shit over the greats of his time like Socrates just for the lulz and still be right. He doesn't get the credit he should. In a lot of ways he showed an innocence of hedonism. He did a lot of good in his life, helped people spread learning and lived how he wants. When ever I feel down I don't know what happened on Game of Thrones or shit like that I think, well I'd still be me jerking off in a barrel and I'm a good person so fuck em it's a TV show I don't care about.
Love his work, I always leaned toward his ideals even before I knew about him. It's such a cool feeling when someone knows how to say what you think, but well not sound like an idiot.
lol spooks
I wish I could rate this nice meme. I do enjoy some of Max's thoughts though, he's well worth a read.

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