your favorite song?

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Exogenous Celebrations

winning is for losers
True & Honest Fan
May 3, 2019
I like me some Fred Eaglesmith - 18 Wheels, Water in the Fuel and Time To Get A Gun specifically.
No children by the Mountain Goats
Blackout by the Scorpions
Mr. Blue Sky by ELO
And I've written a song or two that are pretty high up there for me.


What'll it be, boys?
True & Honest Fan
Jun 29, 2016
This isn't my favorite song, but it beautifully captures the cartoonish irrelevance of beta males like myself in the modern West.



Not William Atchison
Jan 3, 2021
I have a lot of favorite songs but mine at the moment are:

Thank You for the Venom - MCR

Still in Love with You by Brooks and Dunn

Sugar Were Goin Down by Fall Out Boy

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Sep 7, 2019
Single favorite? That's kind of a tall order.

This is something I NEVER get tired of when it comes up on the playlist, though.

Hazel Motes

"I can smell the sin on your breath"
May 23, 2020
Not necessarily my favourite song, but I want this played at my funeral.

Some interpret it as the creation of the world. I like that.


Dwight Frye
Sep 27, 2019
My favorite fluctuates quite often, but it always seems to come back here. Pibroch (Cap in Hand) by Jethro Tull


Precocious Halfwit

I am your man Christmas parsnet
Apr 29, 2021
I'm hard pressed to select a tippy-top absolute favourite song but I've been on a huge Summoning spree lately and Land Of The Dead makes me SO happy. It doesn't have any deep significance but it makes every hair on my body stand on end every time.


Solar Eclipse Paradox

Niggers from Achernar
Apr 20, 2021
There are many songs that I really admire or that it's something I could relate to, here are some.

This song really ages like fine wine to me. You can tell a lot of charisma is put into this.

This song is way more relevant than ever. It warns about the destructive behavior of people trying to attain the goal of being a celebrity.

Probably the best example on pissing off the mainstream and being yourself, Marshall Mathers at his best and funniest.


The Cheeky Archivist
True & Honest Fan
Apr 21, 2013
either When Doves Cry by Prince or Midnight in a Perfect World by DJ Shadow.