Your Favourite Amber pic/gif - Let’s see dem goodies

Speaking of foodgasms:

Amberlynn's detailed guide to reaching :hambone:sweet:hambone: foodgasm every single time
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STEP 1: Ensure your hole is nice and moist. Begin with a nice eye rape of your noodles.

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STEP 2: Hastily shovel as much food as you can take. If sweet foodgasm isn't reached on your first try, don't panic.
Just fan out your tiny hole with dainty, delicate motions
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STEP 3: Keep stuffing that tiny hole. The nastier it looks, the sweeter the juices.
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STEP 4: Wipe off any excess ramen cum.

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STEP 5: Revel in sweet foodgasmic bliss.
I'm going to cut off her thumbs. :mad:

Salade Nicoise

A healthy French lunch.
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And she even had actual eyebrows.
Wow. To steal one of our gorls favourite phrases: the eyebrow thing is WILD Y'ALL.

Imagine the fucking sustained abuse you'd have to put your body through, be it via malnutrition or just getting so fucking fat your face swells so much that the brows NOPE the fuck outta there, to go from reasonably normal brows to the wisps of pube Amber currently has.

Turd Blossom

Take your protein pills & put your helmet on
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Amber is so weird. Imagine packing something akin to a watermelon underneath your boob and feeling absolutely mortified that someone might see your double chin when you're caught on camera unexpectedly.

It's like someone trying desperately to conceal a small pimple on their nose when they have a monstrous boil on their neck.

That ridiculous scrunchie is just the cherry on top double portion of rice underneath the sundae the orange chicken.


Live young, die fast
Does anyone have pics of Big AL as a kid? Someone mentioned in another thread a time ago that she used to have the same moonface as a kid, and now I’m curious to see Small AL (theres no way she was small as a kid)
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