Your Favourite Amber pic/gif - Let’s see dem goodies

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I’ve been digging thru the general thread for research purposes and it weirds me out seeing the photos from when she first started YouTube.

She could reach her own ass.
View attachment 690015
And she even had actual eyebrows.
View attachment 690016

Where is the yellow skin tho? I thought she had natural yellow undertones. Here, she looks like she has cool skin with pink undertones. Knuckles just a teensy bit brown too. She looks humanish here.


Rollin' down the street smokin' indo
Speaking of foodgasms:

Amberlynn's detailed guide to reaching :hambone:sweet:hambone: foodgasm every single time
View attachment 689563

STEP 1: Ensure your hole is nice and moist. Begin with a nice eye rape of your noodles.

View attachment 689568
STEP 2: Hastily shovel as much food as you can take. If sweet foodgasm isn't reached on your first try, don't panic.
Just fan out your tiny hole with dainty, delicate motions
View attachment 689569
STEP 3: Keep stuffing that tiny hole. The nastier it looks, the sweeter the juices.
View attachment 689570
STEP 4: Wipe off any excess ramen cum.

View attachment 689572
STEP 5: Revel in sweet foodgasmic bliss.
The thing that almost gets me the most is the fact she had to blanket herself with a fucking bath towel to eat a bowl of soup. What a sloppy sow.


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This is my favorite. But while staring at it it reminded me of something so I did a comparison and looks like I was about spot on. Not to disrespect Harambe or anything but the resemblance is uncanny. I outlined it for posterity.
She honestly has the same lantern-jawed face structure as Casey Anthony

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