Your Favourite Amber pic/gif - Let’s see dem goodies

Mr Foster

Dosh, grab it while you can lads!
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Not a pic or gif but this lil piece of AL history is interesting how she is describing what is a turn off to her for a potential partner and she is describing Neck tard. Meanwhile this gorilla is 500 pounds.

Video already queued for your viewing pleasure.

Necky clearly smokes weed and drinks often. So, just anothet piece of bullshit made-up personality from AL.

To be fair if I looked like the thumb I'd be drunk and high as often as I could.

Lady Rowena
Getting drunk is one of the few pleasures in life when you want to blot out those blobby pink flesh-Jaws.

But srsly, I purposely get drunk if I have to one-off meet a known absolute fuckhead; I can't imagine if I was purposely dating one.
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I pulled off your wings, and I laughed.
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