Your Favourite Amber pic/gif - Let’s see dem goodies


Racist Cunt
People like this are DELUSIONAL!!!! everrrybodie has their own unique weight and look situation. We may look similar but she is tallerrrr and I go out EVERYDAYYYY with my Gorlfriend Becky. Yeah I am not running no marathon situation but I am eating weigh less. What I show you guiis on camera is all I eeeeet. So lately I ain't been eating nothing type deal fasting situation but I have to be careful only to go in a light, mild like keeetsosis situation. I am actively trying to change my lyyyfe because I have the tools and knowledge, I lost 89 pounds like that all on my own, thaat man clearly needs to lose weight because their laaaaayggs are huge whilst I got mine mostly in my but style weight thing.

blows kiss

Keyboard Warrior
This will always be the favorite. It's so fucking bizarre.
It's as though her brain resets or something.
Maybe it was the orgasmic rush she gets from food.
Weird as hell.
Has she ever addressed wonky eye?
I don't think she's ever addressed it, but I hope she does at some point, just to see what pointless details she throws in to make it seem truthful. Like the time she explained her overgrown toenail fungus as the result of stubbing it as a child.

Does anyone know if the eye tracking issue is a symptom of diabetes?

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