Your Favourite Amber pic/gif - Let’s see dem goodies


I'm his sugarplum
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I don't think she's ever addressed it, but I hope she does at some point, just to see what pointless details she throws in to make it seem truthful. Like the time she explained her overgrown toenail fungus as the result of stubbing it as a child.

Does anyone know if the eye tracking issue is a symptom of diabetes?
It's not a symptom of diabetes but it is obesity related. It's related to her nervous system having a massive amount of weight put on it along with blood flow problems.

I only remember this because of the Slaton sisters' nightmare lazy eyes. Most deathfats experience this.

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Thanks for spotting that & 'porting it over. She absolutely cannot, with even the smallest amount of conviction, tell us she's been losing rather than gaining. Later this evening, I'll see if I can find a weigh in close to or even from the video where she wore that dress in September.

Added: Easier than I thought. She weighed in on Sept 12th at 564.2 lbs. It takes longer than a week to add the extra rolls, FUPA & continental shelf territory we can see in her last video. Oh yeah, if she cares to admit it or not, she hit 600 or too close for her comfort & recently.
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