Your Favourite Amber pic/gif - Let’s see dem goodies


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Wonky eye clip

Salade Nicoise

A healthy French lunch.
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Flashback to Dusty days.
That leg tho.
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Fuuuck. Imagine... just imagine... you gingerly reach out your little sped foot to seductively rub your Gravy Trai- I mean, love of your life- thinking 'yeah... this is what people in love do... little sensual calf play at Cheesecake Factory...'

Only to be met with a barrel of flesh that makes a doner kebab spit on a Friday night look positively svelte.


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From Eric's super exciting video today:
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And my favorite still from it:
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It's like she tried to sneak a fart, realized she actually sharted, tried to play it off, then noticed Eric was recording the whole thing!
That was THE best clip I've seen this year.
That poor chair was squeaking. She noticed Mumbles had the camera on her and made that cringy ugly face.
So damn funny. It's the only good part about his boring ass vids. He gets the best angles. Lol

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:O Holy mother of God! It looks like she went bobbing for fried chicken in a deep fryer.

I forgot to post my "favorite" pic/gif from the summer!

So, Auguste Rodin brought us "The Thinker"... but behold! "Muh Thinkeen Face" by Amberlynn Reid:

And, of course, I had to make a gif of it in action:

She's (sex) dreaming of a white Chri... I mean, orange chicken.