Your Guilty Pleasures -


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At first I really didn't like this song when the first snippets of it were released through the trailers of the DBS Broly movie, but the full verions has grown on me quite a bit over the months:

Wouldn't want to be caught listening to it, though.

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Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish album.

It sounds like shit, but there's just something about it that makes me go back to it constantly.


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I have very few guilty pleasures because I have very little shame. Evanescence? Skillet? Lady Gaga? Neutral tard cum Hotel? Bass Boosted Electro Swing Anime Nightcore Remix Compilation [2017 Spring]? Listen to it totally unironically. I like what I like, man.

But once upon a time I was super hung up on my image as an international metal connoisseur. I knew all the niche bands you hadn't heard of in America and was super on the pulse of the german metal scene (in my own head at least). And satanic german heavy metal was a gateway to the one thing I think I am ever truly ashamed of listening to; die Prinzen
I was a huge fan, and now I can't listen without collapsing inwards from the cringe. I'd rather be caught with my dick out listening to 'Geschwisterliebe' then humming along to inoffensive, catchy krautpop.

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This song's kinda garbage, but damn if it doesn't fit the mid-2000s Mortal Kombat games.

I almost want this to come back for a new game.


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Avril Lavigne is total fucking piss, but Complicated is kind of catchy. Plus it seems more real than whatever the fuck she's putting out now.

I don't listen to either of them anymore, but I honestly loved Let Go and Under my Skin when I was a kid. I can now recognize those albums as trash on an intellectual level but I honestly don't even care. They were catchy and I have to admit that growing up as a girl, I was getting sick of britney and christina flaunting themselves as sex objects and it was nice to have something different. The lyrics are cringy now but damn was that stuff fun when I was in elementary school.

I love PATD, even now that I've grown up and have long outgrown my scene phase. I don't fucking care.

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I love Visigoth, but just the fact that they embrace being power metal makes them a guilty pleasure, arguably.

And then there's the matter of this music video... (Stellar track, though).

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