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This style was the kind of stuff that was big when I was in high school, so this type of garbage pop with this feel gives me nostalgic vibes (early to mid 2010's seems so far away with how the world exploded after Trump got elected).



Definitely Coldplay. I listened to them through middle and high school and despite their mild, stonery vibes I still love to listen to their music. I'm bummed that they're on hiatus right know, but they've been cranking out some excellent stuff for a while.

And Counting Crows, for all the same reasons. They're borderline butt-rock but I will always listen to Recovering the Satellites from start to finish every once in a while.



The Chainsmokers. Memories... Do Not Open actually had some really catchy tracks tbh, as much as I loathe the grand majority of their music.

still listen to the same bands/songs i did back in middle/high school. sum 41, the offspring, yellowcard, rise against, all time low, zebranhead etc. apparently if you are a black guy and like listening to rock more then rap, you were the weird kid. not that i dont like rap or hiphop i just preferred rock more since i was an angsty little shit back then.
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Not sure why I like this song so much. As much as it's a guilty pleasure it's also probably one of my top 10 favorites. Probably cause I heard it when I was so young.
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Really don't like country music, but dammit some of the oldschool outlaw country music I actually do enjoy. Marty Robbins and Waylon Jennings in particular.
That's the cool kind of country! A lot of the modern stuff is why I find country so terrible. There's some cool older stuff though, Ghost Riders in the Sky is such a cool song I don't care what the genre.

Also Coat of Many Colors makes me cry.


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:heart-full::heart-full: What is New Year without my favorite MILF, Jeannie Hsieh?
She looked tired this year, perhaps even unwell. But the props are still great fun too look at and the dancers!


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"Disco Alaskan Wolves" -- memely rap bullshit from Mainland China. Supplies your Recommended Daily Requirement of Vitamin Cringe:


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I listen to MC Jarbo ironically, like relatively frequently. i also love weeb shit, and I can listen to everything John Williams has made on repeat and never get tired of it...........................and i do


I'm pretty sure this band is SUPPOSED to be listened to by teenage Chicana girls, not mid-20s men. I still enjoy their music a lot though.

Edit: WTF. I looked him up and apparently the band is an English dude. I thought he sounded kind of Mexican, and he has a music video or two set in a place with palm trees, and Orange County = Los Angeles = Mexicans. WTF is going on here?
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