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If you had unlimited power to shape the earth how you see fit, what would it look like?

I had a discussion with my wife yesterday about our ideal visions for the planet and I'm pleased that we both came up with the same ideas! This just a pipe dream and I don't expect to see this, but this is our perfect fantasy. It's also a idea I raised before on these boards, but not in so much detail.

One world government. No more nations means no more nationalism.

Free housing. The government will provide you with housing, UBI benefit and will assign you a job based on your skills, so you'll never need to search for a job again.

No more capitalism or money and no more materialistic objects. Everything will be government issued, including clothing and phones. Everyone will wear the same clothing, have the same shoes, the same phone, the same hair styles etc.

If you do well at your job and also do well within society, you'll be rewarded with points. These points can be exchanged for luxury items like a holiday or new television.

Right wing policies and politics are banned. Everything is left or far-left only.

No more armed forces. If we're all under a one world government, there is no war or conflict. That means no guns, tanks, warships etc. All of that is scrapped. All the money that we used to spend killing each other is now put towards science, medical research etc. Basically anything that benefits mankind.

No more prison system and no police. Each micro region will decide on either punishment or redemption how it sees fit.

There are still lots that myself and my wife need to iron out, but I was happy that we both shared the same idea of a paradise vision of Earth, although we know full well this would never happen in our life times.

So if you had these reality bending powers, what would your ideal vision of Earth look like?


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In my perfect world, I would outlaw those stupid Tasty! videos that show up on youtube and facebook. Anyone that cooks like that will be shot in the face.
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I think you mean outside. The inside of a dyson sphere is supposed to be a mix of space vacuum and insanely hot solar pannels.

Or maybe you're just a sadistic bastard.
No, a sphere as conceived by Freeman Dyson would be habitable on the inwards facing side of the shell. The solution to power generation is in a network of panels in slow orbit within the interior which also provide a day and night cycle. The concept was worked out decades before Niven ever put pen to paper.
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