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he put a baby in my butt
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everyone who has posted here so far is now sent to the island

as the de factor dictator of my ideal world i have declared cwc governor of anarchy island.

good luck!
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Dr. Ricearoni

This isn't even my most autistic form
I'd keep everything the same but rearrange politics as I see fit to generate the most lols possible.


King knobslob the pious
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I would change reality so that conscious thought is magically made real. We'd all be floating in an endless energyscape of unlimited potential. Every thought made reality. Willpower is the currency.
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Made In China

I'm from Pennsylvania.
Totalitarian society ruled by superintelligent AI overlords, we'll either achieve post-scarcity within a decade or die very efficiently.
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Robert James

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My Ideal world.
1. No social programs, no more funding worthless rec centers and after school project.
2. Ending the prison system caviet is if you get or were convicted of rape/murder/assault/anything serious you just get killed all others get fines and possibly dismemberment.
3. Cut our curent number of laws in 1/4. No more bullshit can't get X on y day or jaywalking laws that everyone brakes daily.
4. Heavy investment into Mech technology, I want humanity to be pulling some gundam level shit before I die off.
5. Heavy investment in AI, and human AI interface technology, when they finally start building gundams I want my conciousness shoved directly in there.
6. Bring back dueling to settle arguments.
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Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
I’d have massive arrays of Space based Power satellites to provide Space to ground electricity. Build the Dual Keel ISS and upgrade all F-15’s to F-15 ACTIVE’s. Make the VentureStar SSTO. Create a moon colony. Genetically engineer intelligent bears. Trans continental maglev across the US. Trans-Siberian air corridor is open to all along with the North Korean air corridor being open to all commercial flights. ASEAN becomes an economic juggernaut and the ASEAN community creates an common Asian currency. Australia joins ASEAN. Border Wall in US is fully completed. VASMIR engines becomes common place for space travel. Japan’s economy bounces back and yen becomes more highly traded then ever. Also in my ideal world, SpaceX enters into the mobile market with StarLink based cellphones.

Sun Shihong

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Social Justice Warriors, twitter verified account owners and tumblrinas in general being forced to fight to death in arenas filled with things like electrified cages, spikes, acid pools and all sorts of brutal weaponry. Anyone who gets triggered is shot down on the spot.