Your perfect, ideal (but unrealistic) vision of Earth. -


Gorilla gorilla goes Gorillaz
Nothing will be happening. Life will be so chill and anodyne no one would ever feel up to starting shit.

Turanist Shitposter

Xir people need Xir
Remove chinks, pajeets, niggers (population and enviromental problems solved as side result) then remove Islam and remove half of the arabs as a precaution. Oh and send all Jews back to Israel wherever they are, disarm Israel's Nuclear missiles.

Addendum: Forgot about the Kurds and gypsies... They should be moved to Madagascar together.
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I've seen too much
Every parasitic elite hung from lamp posts.
No more big government cowering behind their glow in the dark COINTELPRO niggers and their bad goy lists.
Calendar is set back to 1776.

1) Various nations would have their old royal families restored as semi-constitutional monarchies. This includes but is not limited to:
-Bourbons in France
-Braganzas in Portugal and Brazil
-Hapsburgs in Austria
-Hohenzollern in Germany
-Wettin in Poland
-Romonovs in Russia
-Pahlavi in Iran
-Joseons in Korea
-Bagrationi in Georgia
-Solomonids in Ethiopia
-Italy would be divided into several states, with Veneto becoming Venetian Republic 2.0/European Singapore
-Mandate of Heaven in China would be passed onto whoever overthrows the communists

2) Modernist and Postmodernist architecture, art, and aesthetics would be overhauled or torn down in favor of classical, art deco, Victorian, and other not-hideous art styles.
3) Communist crimes would be covered just as much as Nazi ones in schools. Nuanced perspectives on historical events.
4) The Temple Mount would be free for anyone to visit and pray irregardless of religion.
5) A Fifth Great Awakening
6) Sonic Mania 2
7) People would stop reacting to aquarium fish being put in small tanks with no water changes with "lol who cares its just a fish"