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What's that one type of music throwback you always end up going back to? We all have some type.

I personally like pop-punk from the 2000's. It's soulless, corporate crap usually, I know, but this was my shit in middle school. Got me into a lot of rock bands, most a lot better bands, from there.

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I still enjoy 2edgy "alternative"/"experimental" metal bands that I almost exclusively listened to in high school like Mr. Bungle, Mushroomhead, Crotchduster, and Dog Fashion Disco despite branching out into other things over the years.


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Trip Hop, Turntablism and certain Hip Hop instrumentals.
Just gets my juices flowing, every time.

Also that kiss FM 80's 90's funk shit like Patti Labelle and Prince

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Gonna break with my perennial black metal sperging and say Nu-metal, since that was the music I remember from when I was slowly turning from spastic child to spastic teen, and thus its good for the old nostalgia boner.

I wasnt even a fan of metal at the time, I just remember songs like these being everywhere for a time, and its interesting going back and listening through some of them after 15 years and after my musical tastes have developed a bit more so I have a better frame of comparison to both other genres of music and other subgenres of metal. Like, Im not one of those types to put on a reverse hipster hat and declare Nu Metal was all underrated masterpieces cruelly and unfairly abandoned by the music establishment, but I see why this subgenre led a lot of people to seek out other branches of metal once the Nu Metal well dried up


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I like a lot of music, but I always find myself going back to metal, rock and roll, and people like Harry Chapin and John Prine.
Basically, whatever records my dad has in the boxes of vinyl he let me have.

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Although I'm kind of all over the place music-wise, I tend to go back to my 70's hippie roots. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Eric Burdon and WAR, some mellow James Taylor, CCR, Marshall Tucker, Doors, early Stones, etc. There was so much good music in that era, much of it standing the test of time to today.

I cringe whenever I hear "BOOM-BOOM Nigga Nigga Nigga" rap shit going down the street. Sorry, that's not music.

Yeah, I know... OK Boomer :drink::drink::drink:

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Early-mid 90s riot grrl.

which has the great line "I spent the last ten years of my life ripping off the Smiths."



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Basically any album by i have autism plz laugh at me is like a comfy sweater.


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i wouldn't call it a genre but i enjoy listening to music from MMO's i used to play. helps me relax and remember better times, back when the world didn't seem so fucked up