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The Scenario (just in case you're a sperg and need a situation laid out for you): You find yourself sharing an elevator with Video Game President Lenny McMoneybags. Mr. McMoneybags likes the cut of your jib and decides he wants to make a video game for you. No budget constraints, no dev team constraints. But you got about 30-45 seconds to explain it to him before he reaches the executive floor AND while you can compare it to other existing IP's you can't just say a sequel to a pre-existing IP. What's your video game elevator pitch?


Planet Killer: Part Katamari Damacy, part RTS. You are in charge of killing a sentient planet which is threatening your own home planet/moonbase/whatever. You must figure out how to destroy the planet all the while deciding how (straight up aggressive or working in subterfuge) and where to attack it, growing in power and abilities in the process. All the while the planet's defenses will attempt to adapt to your playstyle and approach to try and keep the planet alive.


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A "drive anywhere" open world racing game with all maps auto-generated by A.I. using Google Street View data.

I generally only care for offline single-player games but obviously this game would have to be server-based.

a grand strategy game set in southeast Asia from post WW2 to the end of the Cold War, with a focus on espionage and diplomacy. you can play as the US, USSR, or any of the nations on the map. also please steal this idea, I don't make games.
There is a board game called Twilight Struggle, how it works is the game takes places in phases represented by years and the later you progress the different regions of the world become the hot spots for action, you got China and Korea in the beginning phases of the 40's and 50's, move onto Southeast Asia in the 60's then onto Africa and South and central America in the 70's/80's.

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Game where you play as a photographer trying to snap pictures of cryptids. You have to do research on the locations of their sightings and their behaviors. Your objective for each outing is to snap at least one good, focused picture of the cryptid and escape the area alive. Better photos get you more money to buy better equipment (new camera models and upgrades, first aid, protective clothing for different environments, etc) and camping supplies.

Focus heavily on atmospheric horror. Sometimes you'll go on a "mission" and nothing will even show up, but the atmosphere should be so thick and oppressive that it's just as terrifying as if it did.

(Cryptids also should be original or taken from the good old days, like moth man, blackwoods monster, Jersey devil, etc. Not taking pictures of fucking Slender Man or Jeff the Killer.)
There is a board game called Twilight Struggle, how it works is the game takes places in phases represented by years and the later you progress the different regions of the world become the hot spots for action, you got China and Korea in the beginning phases of the 40's and 50's, move onto Southeast Asia in the 60's then onto Africa and South and central America in the 70's/80's.
dude I used to play this occasionally back in college, great game. couldn't work for boardgame night with lots of people so we didn't play it enough tho. also holy fuck I just googled it and they recently made it into a video game??

what I want is more like CK2 granularity. region could be anywhere really, I just think a focused map could have more depth.

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A metafictional game where a failed 90s gaming mascot has to hunt down other failed 90s gaming mascots and turn them in to the police, armed with nothing but a ray gun.

Edit: If you're wondering about the genre, it's a 2D platformer.
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Alright, so this is an arcade-looking game.

Blocks are continuously falling from the top of the screen, and you control the blocks. You move them left and right, and can rotate them. Blocks come in multiple shapes, and the idea is that you stack them in rows and the multiple shapes interlock in various and challenging ways. But when the screen fills up with the blocks, you lose.

So what you do is you try to fit the blocks together in such a manner that they form full rows without any gaps, then the game wipes the blocks from the screen in those rows and you get a better score. Adding to this, as you miss filling up a row, you have less screen space to work with, and so the more you mess up, the faster gameplay feels before you finally lose.


I want a mixture of different elements from saints row/GTA 5,skyrim/fallout, mass effect and the sims. I like simulation games because I can create things. The story elements from GTA/grittiness. The powers from saints row 4 for intergalactic planetary take over for special careers. Skyrim because of the medieval fantasy aspect and because fuck you dragons are cool. Fallout for its nuclear wasteland theme and the perk system and open world which you can edit or create yourself. Mass effect because I want to be able to explore space so it could be part of a career or story line. Sims because I like being god and I want to add fantasy and realism because EA seems to always shit the bed in some way. They don't look realistic enough to me even with mods and I want the interactions to be more realistic. I would make the rig for the characters have jiggle physics like the body itself jiggles not just the tits or ass. Lastly they can fuck like actual sex none of that covers shake bullshit and hearts pop out ? so that means babies/anatomical parts and collision so it doesn't clip.
Edit: Should clarify in my made up game I want it to be an open world that you can edit or with right program can create yourself not that in fallout you can edit the world.
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Social RPG with medium-hard roles (skills your class tags level up at normal cost, skills outside the scope of what you are on paper level up at double cost and encourage companions that fill those roles) and combat limited by real world considerations (i.e. you need to think how you're going to get away with it if your character is not socially sanctioned to defend themselves like say a cop would be).
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MaiDenSnow Eve with more content and in English.
... pls dont judge me, i need my fix ok?


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"It's an open world, 3rd person petty crime & vandalism simulator. Imagine if the video for 'Stress' was an action RPG."

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