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I'd love to see a multiplayer game with a fully fledged campaign set during the Soviet-Afghan War. You'd have two perspectives in the campaign.

The first perspective through the eyes of a young soldier in the Red Army fresh from basic training, seeing the horrors of war for the very first time and based on your choices, you either come home a paralyzed, but decorated war hero, come home in a body bag, but declared a Hero of the Soviet Union, or as a disgraced, insubordinate deserter being sentenced to hard Labor in Siberia, with your close friends and family disowning you as the war changed you for the worst.

The second perspective is through the eyes of a Mujahideen fighter. Like with the Red Army soldier, fighting just really isn't your thing and your choices with either result in: You becoming a proficient fighter and promptly becomes a high ranking Taliban official after the war, killed by the soldier you play as from the Russian perspective (in return, you would kill him in the first listed ending), or become jaded from all the fighting and defect to the USSR, eventually joining with the Northern Alliance, which eventually results in your character securing a position in the newly created Afghan government in 2002.

Gameplay would be similar to Rising Storm 2, Insurgency, or Escape From Tarkov: minimal hud, realistic ballistic mechanics, large scale multiplayer battles using period accurate weapons and vehicles, and large and open maps based off of real battles from the war, with music from the Soviet band Kino being used in the soundtrack.
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Space Marine, only you play as Commissar Caiaphas Cain and have a "reputation" meter that determines your XP gain. One of the harder levels will have you working with the Death Korps of Krieg, and if your reputation falls below a certain level, they execute you for cowardice.


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i always liked the idea of a setting where people are still fighting with 17th-19th century tactics (musket warfare) deep into the far future with advanced technology

muskets that fire lasers, artillery that fire weaponized balls of plasma, cossacks/hussars/dragoons wielding lightsabers while riding hoverbikes, rocket-powered galleons made of platinum... you know

essentially napoleon: total war if it was set in the year 3000
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Ok, so it's a 10v10 "Hero Fighter" (I think that would be like if you mixed Overwatch with Anarchy Reigns), but with Youtubers and they have abilities based mostly on references to their videos. For instance:
  • Pewdiepie would mainly fight with his fists but also fight with a whip similar to Takeda's from MKX
  • Markiplier would be a Grappler that also uses a pole
  • Maximillian Dood would play like a mix of Ken and Erron Black
  • Leafy would be a zombie (minus the mindlessness and eating flesh/brains thing) but he'd kinda play like Liu Kang if they had Tracer abilities on top of their fighting abilities
  • For shits and giggles, the Annoying Orange would be here, but he'd use a mech suit, making him play like Sentinel from UMVC3
    • Oh, and there would be a giant knife fitted into one of the arms
  • Mr. Beast would be a healer of sorts, but instead of using a healing stream like the Medic or Mercy, he'd drop health pickups that look like stacks of money
    • The catch is that everyone can pick these up, regardless of whichever team they're on
  • Pyrocynical would fight something like Wolf from Smash, but he'd also have Roadhog's whip
  • SMG4 would play like Mario, but with references to his videos, like using Fishy Boopkins as a meat shield to initiate a counter
    • He'd also use the Waluigi Launcher as his super, but this time it looks like an actual rocket launcher and not just a model of Waluigi shaped to look like a gun.
You could even have characters that originated from shows that started on YouTube, like Ruby Rose, Salad Fingers, one of the puppets from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared or even Tari from Meta Runner.

The game would most likely be developed by Blizzard and Platinum Games, with Blizzard handling the online servers and the actual graphics and Platinum handling the music and gameplay. The actual gameplay objectives would be much like Overwatch or TF2; CTF, Payload, KOTH, Point Capture/Defense, all that jazz. The catch is that it plays like something like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta or Asura's Wrath, with more emphasis on combos that capture multiple enemies at once.

That's it. Forgive my sperging, I've thought long and hard about how this would actually work.


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A metafictional game where a failed 90s gaming mascot has to hunt down other failed 90s gaming mascots and turn them in to the police, armed with nothing but a ray gun.

Edit: If you're wondering about the genre, it's a 2D platformer.
Would the main character be Commander Keen?

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A Red Dead Redemption game that has the hunting and horse mechanics of the first game, but has the graphics, open world, items, and animals of the second game.
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A vampire stealth game that has magical abilities like Dishonored and Aragami and vampiric survival elements like Legacy of Kain. Instead of no-kill runs, you’d have “as few undetected feedings as possible” runs(let’s say two or less to still get a perfect score, one or less on harder difficulties), since blood would be like MGS3 stamina and need to eventually be replenished. Also, you’d have the ability to hypnotize people and “see through their eyes” for brief periods (you’d be able to walk as the victim, like dishonored possessions, but you own body would still be immobile the moment you transition from having them follow you to walking as them, like a mobile version of a Splinter Cell sticky cam). And the hypnosis victim can also dismantle/dispose of hazards that are unsafe for vampires(like UV light traps, holy relics, and more traditional hazards like landmines and tripwire bombs), though they themselves can still cause an alert if their behavior makes enemies suspicious.
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3DCG modeling program sculpting game with uncomfortable controls a la Surgeon Simulator or QWOP. Most of the development goes into training as complex an AI art interpreter as possible until it can tell that the misshapen dong you made is, in fact, a misshapen dong. Some tycoon elements, the better your art the better it sells, the better it sells the more you can invest in new tools and venues to display your art, but the control scheme only ever gets worse.


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A game where I get to beat the shit out of The Fool for being such a giant faggot.

@The Fool you're a giant faggot btw.
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Smaug's Smokey Hole

30 nights of day
Would you be able to have sex with any of hot alien boys and girls like in ME?
Instead of the Geth companion it's a blushing genestealer.

you'd just have to find an obscure golf game to rip the engine from first.
Links 2000 would be a perfect fit.


Pitch background: some years ago a gamejourno interviewed the head of Traveller's Tales, the Lego games people, the (Kotaku?) gamejourno excitedly told them that they should do a Lego Transformers game. The TT guy, maybe John Burton because he's the only name I know and he seems friendly, said ok, if you can pitch it to me and it makes sense we will look into it. The gamejourno was speechless, Lego Transformers was just a meme he repeated and he couldn't come up with a single idea. Shameful, what a game like that would be is obvious.

Pitch: Lego Transformers.
It's a Lego game, the player is a transformer OC.
It's an OC because the player finds parts and can upgrade/rebuild the transformer with them, both in robot and vehicle form. Think Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

The unique part about this: if you put things on the, let's say car, then those pieces needs to be placed on the robot as well and vice versa, put stuff on the robot and they need to find a place on the car. Transformation is standard lego stuff and not a huge challenge for either player or programmers, it just breaks up into a cloud of pieces that assembles as the other form, keeping with the Lego games style.

Some physics are applied, can't just stack those extra robot pieces on top of the car, it will tip over when turning, same applies to the robot. Can't make it huge by decking it out will every powerful piece found, needs to be small in some areas, a bit like Blaster Master.
Assign buttons for different functions like boosters and - yeah it's very much Nuts & Bolts.

Gameplay would be racing, challenges, action levels and maybe a super-light sprinkling of Metroidvania where certain upgrades/functions needs to be found to open up different areas.
Grown men on Youtube being confused and not understanding how to progress in a childrens game will still be included, that's a signature feature.
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A man can dream, can't he?

Virtual hydlide is testament to the creative spirit. The company that made this did so with the engine from one of those "Pebble Beach Golf Links" arcade games that you've seen at the bar when you're out drinking. They took a golf game and hacked it into a dungeon crawler. Other than VH, that company made mostly just golf games. Arcade golf games. But then they made this glorious abomination and its something very special to me.
I LOVE when people make art with tools that aren't intended for use by creators.
This is part of why I love graffiti art. Spraypaint was invented as an industrial tool, and used as such until someone saw a can and said, "Hey, I could probably make a painting with that."
This is what I love about sampled music like DJ Shadow. DJs see fragments of their vision inside other pre-existing things and endeavor to repurpose stuff accordingly. That's how we got House music and Hip Hop.

Similarly, some Japanese wizard looked at an Arnold Palmer cabinet and said "I could make a dungeon crawler outta that"


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